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    Dr Craig Rubinstein has a passion for his profession. Along with his team, Dr Rubinstein works tirelessly to deliver the desired results for breast augmentation and abdominoplasty surgery in Melbourne.

    As a result, Dr Rubinstein and his team strive to do everything possible, not only for your surgery but the experience as a whole.

    We want you, our patients, to have a smooth journey from your first contact to well after surgery.

  • Breast Surgery

    Breast augmentation comprises various procedures that may address different aspects of breast size and shape. Each individual will have unique needs, ranging from increasing and minimising the size of the breasts to restructuring the shape, particularly after normal life events, such as pregnancy and weight fluctuations.
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  • Tummy Surgery (ABDOMINOPLASTY)

    Are you suffering from skin irritation due to excess skin in your abdomen area? Do you feel your body has undergone significant changes due to pregnancy or weight fluctuations? Abdominoplasty is one of several options available that may address these conditions.
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  • Surgery Pricing

    A firm understanding of the financial aspect of a cosmetic plastic procedure is imperative. As such, we provide a detailed consultation to ensure clarity on the investment associated with each procedure, maintaining transparency and your well-being as our priority.
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    We are a boutique plastic surgery practice in Melbourne that is proud to care for you just like family.

    Dr. Rubinstein values the relationships developed with his patients, many of whom continue to engage with our practice over time. Our commitment is to uphold stringent standards in our practice and to navigate with you through every stage of your journey. We provide the most advanced techniques in plastic surgery while maintaining the standards of patient care and un-compromised professional ethics. We offer comprehensive care for all stages of your Plastic Surgery Journey.
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  • Before Your Surgery

    Visit the FAQs and read Google patient reviews to learn more about Dr Craig Rubinstein.
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  • After Your Surgery

    Our recommendations and instructions for your recovery after Cosmetic Surgery.
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  • Patient Journey

    Useful patient resources to help you prepare for your surgical journey with Dr Rubinstein. Whether you’re looking into risks and potential complications, recovery after surgery, or want to know what to expect from your first consult, this information will help.
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    Before and After Gallery

    Here, you can view actual before and after plastic surgery photographs of Dr Craig Rubinstein's past patients.

    Photo Disclaimer: The before and after photos displayed on our website or in our office are provided for informational purposes only. They are intended to offer an illustration of the potential outcomes that can be achieved through plastic and cosmetic surgery. However, it’s important to understand that individual results may vary, and the results of any surgical procedure cannot be guaranteed. The photos are not intended to serve as promises or a guarantee of specific results, but rather as a visual aid to help envision what is possible. It is crucial to recognise that each person is unique, and the outcome of surgery will be influenced by various factors such as overall health, body type, and healing ability. During your consultation, Dr. Rubinstein will carefully evaluate each individual and provide an honest and realistic assessment of what can be expected from the procedure.


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