Breast Lift with Implants Before & After Photos

Breast Lift with Implants Before & After Photos

Below you will find a collection of Breast Lift with Implants Before & After Photos from Dr Craig Rubinstein, one of Melbourne’s top breast surgery plastic surgeons. For further Augmentation-Mastopexy images, please contact us to book a consultation with Dr Craig Rubinstein.

1: Breast Lift with Implants (Mastopexy-Augmentation)

Breast Lift with Implants (Mastopexy-Augmentation) Before & After Photos

2: Breast Lift with Implants (Augmentation Mastopexy) –  including significant nipple reshaping.

Breast Lift with Implants (Mastopexy-Augmentation) Before & After Photos

Click here to see before and after photos. Warning graphic content.

Our Breast Lift with Implants (Augmentation Mastopexy) before & after photos aim to show you the variety of patient outcomes with this procedure. The decision to proceed with breast surgery is a deeply personal one for every patient. Before you make the decision, ensure you have done all your research. Never rush into surgery and ensure you are only doing the surgery for yourself.

Further, remember that results may vary significantly from patient to patient. While tools such as Vectra 3D can help with planning your surgery, these are not necessarily predicative of your final outcome.

Dr Rubinstein is a specialist plastic surgeon who customises your surgery to your individual needs. Further, Dr Craig Rubinstein only uses high quality breast implants in each surgical procedure.


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Animation Breast Lift with Implants


Why Augmentation Mastopexy Surgery?

A breast lift with implants procedure may help you:

  • Improving the look of ptotic breasts after pregnancy, breastfeeding, weight loss or menopause
  • With breasts that are sagging due to the weight of an existing breast implant
  • Restore the look of breasts after pregnancy or weight loss
  • Raise drooping nipples
  • Lift breasts that have drooped while increasing volume

A consultation with Dr Craig Rubinstein will help ascertain if this procedure is right for you and your concerns. A consultation will also allow you to view further breast lift with implants before and after images of real patients. These images and your consultation will give you an idea of what is, and is not, achievable with Augmentation Mastopexy surgery.

It is important to consult with a professional, specialist plastic surgeon to get an honest opinion. Further, a consultation will give you personalised information on the right procedure for your needs.