Tips For Recovery and Activities After Tummy Tuck


Top Tips for Recovery and Activities After Tummy Tuck Surgery with Dr Craig A tummy tuck, also known as an abdominoplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure used to make the abdomen both smaller and firmer. It focuses on the removal of excess fat and skin around the stomach. In most cases, it can also restore
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Reduce Bruising and Swelling after Breast Reduction Surgery

recovery breast surgery - recovery tummy tuck - cosmetic-plastic-surgery-recovery-after-surgery-quickly

7 Ways To Reduce Bruising and Swelling after Breast Reduction Surgery No matter the size or shape of the breasts, they are all naturally imperfect. Unfortunately, global studies have shown that more than 70% of women are unhappy with how their breasts look, and many see breast cosmetic surgery as a logical step. When it
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Benefits of Smaller Breast Implants

Breast Lift trends Plastic Surgeon Melbourne Prices

Benefits of Smaller Breast Implants The shape and size of your breasts can have a huge impact on your overall physique and aesthetics. Furthermore, their size can also be a contributing factor to your high or low self-esteem/self-worth. The skin that covers our breasts and the breast tissue goes through a lot of structural and
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Wearing Compression Garments after your Body Surgery

tummy tuck

How wearing post-op compression garments can help Tummy Surgery results Compression garments are garments that help recovery following most plastic surgical procedures. These garments are an essential part of after-surgery care following plastic surgical procedures such as tummy tuck – abdominoplasty, breast surgery, liposuction and different post-weight loss body surgeries, etc. Why should I wear
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Breast Implant Rupture? Symptoms

best implant size for your body

Breast Implant Rupture – What to Do If It Happens to You Although every woman is different, there are general symptoms that you need to look out for if you think your breast implants arent feeling “quite right” or you have a breast implants rupture. The most common signs of breast implant problems are a;
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Pros and Cons of Breast Implant Removal

breast reduction surgery

Should I remove my Breast Implants? So, you had breast implant surgery and now you are thinking about removing your implant? Whether it’s due to something you’ve seen online or you’re feeling not quite right or a bit worried, it is a major decision. Whether you have been thinking about it for a little while
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Breast Development Problems and How They’re Treated

Craig Rubinstein Breast Development Problems and Its Treatments Blog Image

Breast Development Problems – Surgery for Big Breasts, Small Breasts and Uneven Breasts Breasts develop during puberty to reach their adult form in women, however, in many cases this does not go according to plan, and some end up with misshapen or poorly developed breasts. They can be abnormally smaller, bigger, asymmetric, or just have
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Repairing Separated Tummy Muscles – Diastasis Recti

Repairing Tummy Muscles post-Pregnancy Abdominoplasty Image Dr Craig Rubinstein Website

Post-Pregnancy Surgery for Diastasis Recti to repair Split Tummy Muscles in Melbourne Pregnancy is a magical time but growing another human takes a toll on your body. Excess skin, bulging belly, and stretch marks are only some of the cosmetic results of pregnancy. One very common, yet rarely mentioned, cosmetic problem after pregnancy is diastasis
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Breast Surgery for Gigantomastia or Very Big Breasts

Craig Rubinstein Gigantomastia -breast hypertrophy Blog Main Image

Gigantomastia: Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Big Breasts Gigantomastia (also called breast hypertrophy) is a rare condition in which a woman develops abnormally large breasts. It is a benign (non-cancerous) condition, and it can happen during puberty or pregnancy. There are several types of gigantomastia, however, the exact reason as to why it happens is
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How much does a Tummy Tuck cost in Melbourne?

Top Tummy Tuck Trends in Melbourne - Plastic Surgeons

Guide to Melbourne Tummy Tuck Prices – Abdominoplasty Surgery Cost Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty surgery is one of the top five most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the world. However, despite its popularity finding a Tummy Tuck Cost without booking a face to face appointment with a surgeon can prove to be very difficult. Like
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What is the Best Bra after Breast Surgery?


Finding the Best Bra after Breast Surgery in Melbourne The best bra for you after having a breast-related surgery depends entirely on what procedure you choose and the current appearance of your breasts. Breast augmentation, breast lift, and breast reduction – what are they and what do they do to the breast? Different kinds of
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Micromastia: Small Breasts & Ways to Make Them Bigger

Craig Rubinstein Micromastia Small Breasts and Ways to Make them Bigger Image

Micromastia and Surgery for Very Small Breasts Breasts are a crucial part of a woman’s body image, sexual attractiveness, and overall physique. Micromastia is a medical term that simply means “small breasts”. A lot of women have Micromastia and the condition can cause a loss of confidence, shyness and embarrassment in intimate situations. Size is
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What Are The Best Solutions For Sagging Breasts?


Sagging Breasts? – Breast Implants, Breast Lift or Breast Reduction Options explained If you have sagging breasts – and nearly every woman experiences sagging breast skin at some stage of their lives – you may be researching your breast surgery options. To get uplifted breasts, which lifts the nipples to a more central location on
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Who is the BEST Plastic Surgeon for your Cosmetic Surgery?

plastic Surgeon-Dr-Craig-Rubinstein

Not all Surgeons have the same experience or intensive training and testing qualifications…

2021 Top Breast Implant Removal Trends

Implant removal.

Top Breast Implant Removal Trends – Best Practices for Breast Implant Removal Surgery by Dr Craig Rubinstein Find out more about Breast Implant Removal Surgery trends and Surgical best practices in this video by Dr Craig Rubinstein – chosen as a top Breast and Tummy Plastic Surgeon in Melbourne. Dr Craig Rubinstein explains his 6
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2021 Top Breast Augmentation Trends

Breast Augmentation

Top Breast Augmentation Trends – Best Practices for Breast Augmentation Surgery  – Dr Craig Rubinstein It probably comes as no surprise that Breast Augmentation (BA) is the most popular cosmetic plastic surgery in the world. Breast augmentation surgery can not only lift your breast but it can also increase their fullness, projection as well as
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2021 Top Breast Reduction Trends

Breast Reduction Trends Surgery Reduction Melbourne Plastic Surgery Cost

Top Breast Reduction Trends – Best practices for Breast Reduction Surgery by Dr Craig Rubinstein Breast reductions are one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures. This is due to the fact that it improves women’s daily comfort by alleviating the pain that large breasts can cause over time. It also saves them money in
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2021 Top Breast Lift Trends

Breast Lift trends Plastic Surgeon Melbourne Prices

Top Breast Lift Trends  – Best Practices for Breast Uplifting Surgery What is a Breast Lift Breast Lift Surgery involves the raising and reshaping of the breasts, to help make them firmer and put them back where they used to be. A Breast Lift (with or without adding breast implants)  is a procedure for women who
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2021 Top Tummy Tuck Trends

Top Tummy Tuck Trends in Melbourne - Plastic Surgeons

Top Tummy Tuck Trends in 2021 – Best Practices in Abdominoplasty Surgery with Dr Craig Rubinstein Watch the Top Tummy Tuck Trends Video with Dr Craig Rubinstein Find out more about Tummy Tuck Trends and Surgical Best practices in this Video by Dr Craig Rubinstein – chosen as a top Breast and Tummy Plastic Surgeon
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Tips For Running After Breast Surgery


Running After Breast Surgery – Taking Your New Breast implants for a run Your active life does not need to stand in the way of surgery. However, while Breast Surgery does not affect your long-term exercise routine, it does limit your running the first few weeks. After your Breast Augmentation surgery, you need to give
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Things to Know About Getting a Boob Job – Boob Job FAQs

breast FAQs

Top Things to Know About Getting a Boob Job – The Boob Job FAQs If you’ve been thinking about getting a boob job, you’ve come to the right place. With all the articles and opinions you come across online, things can get confusing. So, we’ve decided to put together some answers to frequently asked questions
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How to Reduce Breast Size: Is Surgery the Best Solution?


What can be done to Reduce Breast Size? Many women with very heavy breast tissues or large, ptotic breasts are often in pain. But it’s not just physical pain. They may feel less free to move or dress as they might like. They may also feel they look ‘frumpy’ or heavier than they actually are,
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Will Medicare Cover My Breast Lift Surgery?


Can I claim my Breast Lift on Medicare? Patients always ask, will Medicare pay for my Breast Lift surgery? –  Your droopy or deflated breasts that can cause rashes or infections can be greatly relieved by a breast lift or Mastopexy surgery. So will it be medically covered? The answer is MAYBE – Medicare MAY
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How Much Does Breast Augmentation Cost in Melbourne?

Breast Reduction Melbourne

Guide to Melbourne Breast Augmentation Prices – Boob Job Costs If you are thinking about Breast Augmentation Surgery or a Boob Job, chances are you have researched the cost of Surgery and discovered that there is a large price variance between one doctor and the next surgeon. This can be frustrating and can leave you
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How much does a Breast Reduction cost in Melbourne?


Guide to Melbourne Breast Reduction Prices – Boob Reduction Cost If you’re considering Breast Reduction Surgery or getting a Boob Reduction then chances are you’ve already found that the prices can vary drastically, this may have left you wondering why prices vary so much. Here are the different factors that impact prices for Breast Reduction
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Will Medicare Cover my Breast Reduction Surgery?

tummy tuck surgery body shaping Dr Craig Rubinstein

Can I claim my Breast Reduction on Medicare? Patients always ask, will Medicare pay for my Breast Reduction surgery? –  There is significant research that indicates women’s health and post-pregnancy conditions, such as neck pain, shoulder pain, rashes or infections can be greatly relieved by breast reduction surgery (Reduction Mammoplasty) of their heavy, sagging &
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How much does a Breast Lift cost in Melbourne?

Implants, is it time to have them removed?

Guide to Melbourne Breast Lift Prices – Breast Lift Surgery Cost When it comes to Breast Lift surgery or a Boob Lift there are a number of variables that can impact on the price. Like a lot of plastic surgery there is a major price variance when it comes to getting a Breast Lift. This
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Will Medicare Cover my Tummy Tuck Surgery?


Can I Claim my Tummy Tuck on Medicare? Patients always ask, will Medicare pay for my Tummy Tuck surgery? –  There is significant research that indicates women’s health and post-pregnancy conditions, such as lower back pain, muscle separation (diastasis recti) and incontinence, can be greatly relieved by abdominoplasty surgery. So will it be covered? The
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Dr Craig Rubinstein in the Media

Dr Craig Rubinstein in the MEDIA Dr Craig Rubinstein is a top Melbourne Specialist Plastic Surgeon and an Expert on Cosmetic Surgery for Women Dr Rubinstein is a popular speaker and presenter in the field of cosmetic plastic surgery, breast surgery & tummy surgery and especially breast reduction and asymmetry. He is often found seen
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How to choose the best implant size for your body

best Implant size for Boob Job

Guide to Choosing the Best Implant Size for Your Body Why it’s important to choose the right Implant Size and why you should Avoid Large Breast Implants. It is becoming more common for women to seek larger, firmer or more shapely breasts. This can be achieved by undertaking a surgical breast implant procedure. Breast Implants
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Bottoming Out – What does it mean for you and your breast implants?

bottoming out uneven-breast implants

So, what does breast implant bottoming out mean? The term refers to when the Breast implant drops below the natural crease of the breast, resulting in the lower pole (area below the areola) bulging/bottoming out making the breast seem out of proportion. Upper pole: is the area of the breast above the areola/nipple. Lower pole: refers
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What is a Mini Boob Job?

mini boobs

Considering a Mini Boob Job? Breast Augmentation for the slender or athletic body type Have you heard the term mini boob job? Do you know what it means? If you don’t read on to find out more about this Breast Augmentation procedure. Athletes, bodybuilders, lean bodies and petite women are prime candidates for this procedure. It
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Motiva Breast Implants vs. Other Implants

Motiva vs Mentor breast implants: motiva-breast-implants-are-they-better

Why I prefer Motiva Implants for Breast Surgery Dr Craig Rubinstein is one of Australia’s most respected, Melbourne Specialist Plastic Surgeons. He has over 20 years’ experience in aesthetic breast surgery including Breast lift, Augmentation and Reductions. He has used a range of the best breast implants during his career, his current implant of choice
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Breast Surgery Recovery Tips


Tips for Recovery after Breast Surgery Any cosmetic surgery is an emotional experience. Breast Surgery procedures, whether they be breast augmentation, breast lift or breast reduction, are no different. As a result, it is important to know what to expect during all stages of your procedure, from your first consultation to recovery, to your yearly
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Small Scars After Breast Augmentation Surgery


How to have Smaller Scars after Breast Implant Surgery The small scar breast augmentation surgery option is offered by Specialist Plastic Surgeon Dr Craig Rubinstein in Melbourne. This surgical technique uses shorter incision lines under the breasts than traditional breast crease incisions. It can help some patients achieve smaller scars after breast augmentation. The Short
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Cosmetic Surgery Benefits – How Much Can Plastic Surgery Change Your life?

Plastic Surgery Melbourne

Discover Cosmetic Surgery Benefits and how it changes lives There is no doubt that plastic and cosmetic procedures change lives. In our modern world, there has been a significant social shift in the way that people view cosmetic procedures. This is due to an increase in available information and discussion around plastic surgery. Even celebrities
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10 Reasons You Should Quit Smoking Before Cosmetic Surgery


The Dangers of Smoking before or after your Cosmetic Surgery Smoking impacts your immune processes and reduces your blood flow and your ability to heal. As a result, not only is healing and recovery slowed down, you run a higher risk of complications during or after your procedure. Smoking is dangerous and detrimental to your
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Plastic Surgery Conference Presentations by Dr Craig Rubinstein


Dr Craig Rubinstein – Conference Speaker and Breast Asymmetry Expert   Dr Craig Rubinstein speaks at the Breast Master Symposium – Breast Plastic Surgery Conference in Sydney In October 2018, Dr Craig Rubinstein, his patient care and nursing team attended the Sydney Breast Surgery event: The Breast Masters Symposium. Dr Rubinstein gave a presentation on
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BIA ALCL News – Associated with textured Breast Implants

Breast Augmentation Trends

What is BIA-ALCL ? Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma BIA-ALCL is NOT breast cancer.  Breast cancer forms from cells in the breast. BIA-ALCL is a rare cancer of the body’s disease-fighting lymphatic system and will usually grow in the fluid and internal scar tissue that develops around the breast implant. In minimal instances, BIA-ALCL
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Nipple Surgery – Changing Shape or Size of Nipples During Breast Surgery


Nipple Surgery – Nipples during Breast Surgery How does a Plastic Surgeon go about changing the shape or size of nipples during breast surgery? Find out more in our brief breast surgery with nipple reshaping blog. The Anatomy of the Nipple Firstly, we’ll describe the anatomy of the breast area known as the nipple. This
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Patient Case Study: Breast Augmentation with Large Implants after Weight Loss


Patient Case Study: Large Breast Augmentation with Large Implants after Weight Loss (450 cc) Jenna was 22 when she lost 35kg over a period of 8 months, after deciding to start exercising and eating better. Even though she had always had naturally large breasts (GGG), when she lost that degree of weight, her breasts went
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Drains vs No Drain Cosmetic Surgery Options


Surgery Drains vs No Drains in Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Cosmetic surgery patients strongly prefer “drain-free” surgery procedures. I want patients to feel as comfortable as possible during their recovery. I also want to improve their recovery time frames, where I can. With this in mind, I rarely use surgical drains in my cosmetic procedures. I
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Liposuction During Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty Surgery)


Liposuction during Tummy Tuck Surgery – Lipo-Abdominoplasty Surgery Not all tummy tuck surgeries are performed in the same way. Like all plastic surgery procedures, they are best when totally customised to suit an individual’s concerns, body shape, fat distribution, skin condition and surgery objectives. After assessing the patient, Dr Rubinstein often adds customised body-contouring liposuction during
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Scars After Plastic Surgery – Can Anything Be Done?


Scars after plastic surgery remain a concern most patients ask us about during a consultation. While we do all we can to reduce the visibility of your post-operation scars, most major procedures will leave a visible mark where the incision lines have been. But yes, after plastic surgery, you will have a scar. So what
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Dermal Filler Injections to Nipples – The Latest Social Media Trend

best #freethenipple instagram posts-instagram-top-25-posts

One of the newest trends in cosmetic surgery is dermal filler injections to nipples. Many people may have noticed an influx of posts and images discussing the trend on Instagram and Facebook. While celebrities are at the forefront of many of these posts, some social media influencers have also jumped on board. So let’s discuss
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Recommended Breast Augmentation Measurements: Customising Your Cleavage


Dr Craig Rubinstein focuses on natural-looking breast contours and body-enhancing tummy tuck surgery results. To attain a natural looking, body-balanced and longer-lasting breast surgery result, these are some of the recommended breast augmentation measurements that need to be taken into consideration during surgery planning. Join us as we discuss breast augmentation measurements and how they inform advanced
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Saline vs Silicone Breast Implants: Why Saline is Out, and Motiva is In


Saline vs Silicone Breast Implants? Which do I recommend? When it comes to which type of breast implant content to choose, saline vs silicone, I mention that saline breast implants are rarely in use today by most plastic surgeons operating in Australia. In fact, the latest breast implant trends preferred by the majority of Australian plastic surgeons
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Breast Lift Complications and Risks – Mastopexy Surgery


What are the potential complications and risks of having a Breast Lift? Any surgery you have, whether cosmetic or corrective in nature, poses a certain amount of potential complications and risks. Potential complications and risks from having a breast lift procedure include, but are not limited to: infection poor scarring seroma (accumulation of fluid) breast
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The World’s Best Plastic Surgeons Use Motiva Implants

Implants, is it time to have them removed?

Best Plastic Surgeons using Motiva Implants Motiva breast implants are one of the most modern types of implants and are rapidly gaining popularity among plastic surgeons and patients around the world. There’s also an indication that several of the world’s top plastic surgeons are now prefer Motiva breast implants for their augmentation surgery patients. Why
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Uneven Breast: Is Your Left Breast A Lot Larger than Your Right?


Surgery Solutions for An Uneven Breast Every woman has some noticeable differences between their left and right breasts or nipple areas. It is not uncommon, in fact, for one breast to be a lot larger than the other breast. Perhaps you simply have different shaped breasts. Or the breast on one side of your body
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Uneven Breasts: How Breast Asymmetry Impacts Your Breast Augmentation

bottoming out uneven-breast implants

Augmenting Uneven or Lopsided Breasts Breast Asymmetry is the technical term for noticeably different breast volumes or breast sizes between the left and right breast. Asymmetry of the breasts is actually quite common. They are ‘sisters, not twins’ and differences between the breasts are often a matter of degree. Tests and imaging scans to help
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How Soon Can I Exercise After Breast Surgery?

exercise after breast surgery melbourne

One of the most frequently asked questions by patients considering breast augmentation surgery is: “How soon can I exercise again after having breast surgery?” Having breast surgery can put a halt to physical activity and exercise throughout your recovery period. Many of us are keen to keep up the momentum of our previous active lifestyles or
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Why Have Your Breast Augmentation Surgery in Hospital?

The many options you face when deciding whether to undergo a breast augmentation can sometimes be daunting. Even though breast augmentation surgery can be completed by an experienced plastic surgeon in less than a couple of hours, some may view the procedure in a similar light to other, less invasive cosmetic treatments. However, breast augmentation
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