2022 Top Breast Augmentation Trends

It probably comes as no surprise that Breast Augmentation (BA) is the most popular cosmetic plastic surgery in the world. Breast augmentation surgery can not only lift your breast but it can also increase their fullness, projection as well as improve your body proportions (the balance between breasts and hips). Moreover, an Augmentation can enhance your self-image and confidence, giving you a more youthful glow.

Find out more about Breast Augmentation Surgery Trends and Surgical best practices by Dr Craig Rubinstein – One of the top Breast and Tummy Plastic Surgeons in Melbourne, below.


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Breast Enhancement Options – Breast Implants or Your own Fat

Breast Augmentation can enhance your breasts using either breast implants or autologous fat transfer to improve their size and shape. Moreover, it can restore breast volume that is lost due to either weight loss or pregnancy and it can help patients achieve their desired breast shape. It can also help rectify breast asymmetry.

  1. Rise of pop up clinics – cheap surgery and medical tourism
  2. Avoid textured implants
  3. Tiny scars
  4. Dual plane placement
  5. Avoiding Drains
  6. Rapid Recovery
  7. Natural Looking, proportionate breasts

Below are some of the top breast augmentation surgery trends

Rise of pop up clinics in Australia – Trend #1

‘Pop up’ breast surgery & Liposuction clinics are great at marketing, and often use influencers & social media, to spread the word. Although they offer their services for a cheap price, they usually close down the clinics after a short period of time. This could mean that either the doctor gets deregistered or are being investigated by AHPRA.

Due to this, long-term follow-ups/checkups are unlikely as is any post-surgery scar treatment sessions. Most of these ‘surgeons’ are NOT accredited, in other words, they have not actually trained to be a plastic surgeons, therefore they are not able to work in a hospital which is why they use day surgeries and pop up clinics. This can subsequently mean that should your surgery not go exactly to plan they won’t have the facilities or knowledge to help you.

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Another thing that these pop-up clinics do is a tactic known as the ‘bait and switch. This simply means that they will suggest a too-good-to-be-true offer for potential patients to draw them. This lower starting price slowly increases in the form of ‘add ons’ the longer they discuss details. These “great deals” often leave you actually paying a lot more than you initially thought. For example, A Keller Funnel and quality breast implants should be mandatory – never an option.

Avoiding textured implants – Trend #2

Over the years, the technology used for plastic surgery has been advancing and evolving. We now have better shell surfacing and nicer implants, along with the cohesive gel used in them, this makes the implants feel more natural. As a result of this, implants also have a longer shelf life.

Surgeons are avoiding textured implants. There are multiple studies that have proven that there is a link between textured implants and a rare type of cancer called BIA-ALCL, also known as breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma.

Likewise, surgeons are also avoiding the use of saline implants, they are becoming outdated and irrelevant as there are better options now.

With better quality implants comes better results and we want to give our patients the best results we can, which is why Dr Rubinstein typically chooses to use Motiva, smooth round implants.

Tiny scars – Trend #3

A scar is considered tiny if it is two and a half to three centimetres long. Tiny scars are often disguised in the crease of the breast, where they will settle and practically disappear over time. Thanks to modern Motiva implants, tiny scars are increasing requested by our patients.

Through the use of a device such as a Keller funnel, it is much easier to insert an implant into the chest cavity using smaller incisions. Keller funnels look similar to piping bags used in baking and this procedure reduces the chance of having an infection as it minimises manual handling by the surgeon. It also lowers breast augmentation complications.

Benefits of using Keller funnels


Benefits include, but are not limited to;

  • Decreased breast implant contact. As stated above, there is less contact between the doctor and the patient, the funnel provides a safe passageway for the silicone to enter the cavity.
  • Easier breast implant insertion. The funnel is a clear polymeric surface that can help position the implant into the desired shape and location.
  • Smaller breast augmentation incision and scar. Since all we need is a small incision to insert the funnel, larger incisions are not necessary which intern means smaller scars.

Whilst patients can expect some scarring it should generally heal on its own and fade over time. However, the patient’s skin type can affect the healing process. Following your surgeons, post-op instructions and scar management advice will greatly reduce the risk of bad scarring.

Dual plane placement – Trend #4

nipple anatomy breast glands, milk ducts, anatomy-of-the-aerola-nipple-complex-breast-glands

Implants are typically placed either above or below the muscle. (see diagram to the left).

Dual plane placement means that the implant is partially beneath the subpectoral muscle.

Most ‘pop-up clinics’ place the implant above the muscle. Whilst this makes the recovery shorter the long-term effects are often suboptimal. This is why qualified plastic surgeons only recommend this technique for those whose bodies they know can handle it.

Benefits of the dual-plane placement procedure

The procedure gives the most natural-looking appearance out of most breast augmentation procedures. This technique can conceal many scars or incisions found along the implant’s upper edge and avoids the ‘stuck on’ look.

It also has a good breastfeeding success rate. Dual-plane placement reduces the risk of severing the milk ducts, nerves, and breast tissue needed for breastfeeding. However, in most cases, it will be suggested that you wait until after you have all your children to book in for your Breast Augmentation.

Furthermore, implants inserted in this method tend to last longer than they do with other techniques. Thanks to the pectoral muscle, locking the implant into position. This helps the implant to stay in place longer than other techniques.

Avoiding surgical drains – Trend #5


Around 15 years ago most doctors stopped using drains unless absolutely necessary. Drains are painful, unpleasant, and uncomfortable. The use of drains can be avoided by using better surgical techniques and anaesthetic management.

This is why going drain-less is in the top breast augmentation surgery trends. There is no need to manually remove any fluids that may form after surgery. Furthermore, there is no need to worry about the drain getting infected.

What’s even better is that there will be no tube poking out of your chest post-surgery. Meaning, it will be easier to get back to your regular routine. In fact, most doctors strongly urge against using drains these days since recovery time without them will most likely be shorter.

Read more about Drains vs No Drain Cosmetic Surgery Options.

Rapid Recovery – Trend #6

Every person is different. Therefore it should come as no surprise that everyone heals differently, because of this, recovery procedures need to be personalised to suit each patient. It is important that you follow your surgeon instructions during your recovery to ensure optimum results.

Rapid recovery is being requested by more and more patients, after all, why spend longing recovering than necessary? Rapid recovery is pretty simple;

  • Stay hydrated, hygienic, and healthy. In other words, drink lots of water, keep yourself and your incision sights clean and keep moving (don’t lay on the couch 24/7 eating junk food, watching Netflix)
  • Give your body good nutrients. Eat nutrient-rich, whole foods.
  • Avoid doing anything strenuous. No overreaching or heavy lifting.
  • And lastly, do some light stretching and walking. Unless told otherwise by your doctor.

In fact, moving even a little a few hours after surgery can help. This can reduce swelling and stiffness that tends to occur if one lies in bed for too long.

So, to summarise; focus on your body, treat it well, listen and do what your doctor tells you.

Trend #7 – Natural looking proportionate breasts

Large super fake breasts are not ‘in’ anymore. Most women no longer want the kind of attention that comes with having that kind of procedure. Natural-looking, shaped and proportionate breasts are what most patients are looking for. Not only do they look and feel more natural but they also last longer, this is due to the fact they aren’t as heavy.

When it comes to natural-looking implants, the first thing to do is to consult your surgeon and have them assess the current state of your breasts. From analysing your height, build, quality of your skin, amount of breast tissue and a few other factors, they will be able to tell you not only which procedure they believe is best for your body but also what kind of implants will give you natural results.


Bonus Breast Augmentation Trend – Surgery and a Holiday

Pop up clinics in Melbourne are bad enough but there is an increasing number of ‘overseas holiday surgery’ clinics that offer Plastic Surgery with a ‘holiday’ with offers like ‘recover and relax from your boob job in a five-star hotel in Bali’.  Do not fall for it!

Do not go overseas to get your surgery done. There are multiple reasons why it is a bad idea.

  1.  First of all, do you really want the first time you meet your surgeon in person to be on the day of your surgery? What if you don’t like them, or get a weird feeling from them?
  2. Overseas criteria is different. You might not even realise but perhaps the hygiene levels are lower, the quality of the implant used is not the same, or the qualifications of the ‘surgeon’ and their surgical assistance may not be at the level they should be. One of these factors would be majorly concerning but all three would be downright terrifying.
  3. What if you have complications and your recovery doesn’t go to plan?
  4. What if you need to go to hospital?
  5. Or, perhaps you make it home and then you have complications, like your implant drops or you start to get pain, then what? Your surgeon is not close by to assist you, so what do you do?

Don’t put yourself at risk, it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to plastic surgery. Trying to take the cheaper route, could end up costing you more than you bargained for, financially, physically and mentally.

Breast Augmentation Trends

When should I consider Breast Augmentation:

  • If your breasts look too small to you.
  • Or, if you simply want bigger ones.
  • Do they lack fullness?
  • In other words,  do your breasts lacking cleavage?
  • Or, are your breasts uneven/lopsided (Asymmetric)
  • Do you believe your breasts are sagging too much due to natural ageing?
  • Have your breasts lost volume due to weight loss or breastfeeding
  • Or, have you undergone a mastectomy?

If you answered yes to any of the above then it might be time to call Dr Rubinstein’s office to book a consultation or enquire about the benefits of breast augmentation.

Understanding the Different Types of Breast Implants

Saline breast implants

Are implants filled with sterile saltwater? If ever there is a chance of leaking, the saline implant will collapse and the saline found inside will be absorbed and then naturally expelled by the body. These implants will help provide a uniform shape and firmness in the breasts.

Structured saline breast implants

Similar to the above these implants are filled with sterile saltwater but they also contain an inner structure. These aim of these implants is to make the implant feel more natural, in both looks and firmness.

Gummy bear breast implants

These form-stable implants are called gummy bear breast implants because they maintain their shape, even if the implant shell is broken. The consistency of the silicone gel inside the implant is a bit thicker and firmer than the traditional silicone gel implant. If it ever rotates then it would lead to an unusual appearance of the breast that requires a separate procedure to correct. These implants also require a slightly longer incision as the implant is firmer and less malleable.

Round breast implants

These implants tend to make breasts appear fuller than the above, form-stable implants. Higher profile options can achieve more projection; round implants are the same shape all over so there is less concern about them rotating out of place.

Textured breast implants

This type of implant tends to cause scar tissue to develop and stick to the implant, this makes them less likely to move around inside of the breast and reduces the risk of repositioning. The texturing in the implant offers some advantages in removing that risk of a tight scar capsule.

Unfortunately, according to research the chances of a patient getting BIA -ALCL are higher when this implant is used, as a result, a lot of surgeons will not use this implant.

Smooth breast implants

These are the softest feeling implants. They can move within the breast implant pocket, giving it a more natural movement. However, they can cause visible rippling under the skin after surgery.

Silicone breast implants

This implant is filled with silicone gel that feels like natural breast tissue. Furthermore, if the implant leaks, then the gel should either: stay within the implant shell or escape into the breast implant pocket. Usually, this is not enough to make it collapse. However, you will need to have regular appointments with your plastic surgeon to check the status of the implants using ultrasound or MRI screening.

There are also different places surgeons insert and place the implants. One common site would be in the crease found underneath the breast (the IMF).

Visit the Breast Implant Information page


The majority of women who have breast surgery tend to find that it not only improves there self-esteem and happiness but also their self-confidence.

Dr Craig tailors every procedure to fit every patient’s unique needs.

We are here to help you successfully achieve your goals.

To learn more about breast procedures, please contact us to have a chat and/or book an appointment for a consultation.

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