How much does a Tummy Tuck cost in Melbourne?

Guide to Melbourne Tummy Tuck Prices – Abdominoplasty Surgery Cost

Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty surgery is one of the top five most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in the world. However, despite its popularity finding a Tummy Tuck Cost without booking a face-to-face appointment with a surgeon can prove to be very difficult. Like most plastic surgeries, there is a major price variance when it comes to getting a Tummy Tuck. This is due to the fact that multiple factors need to be taken into account including; your surgeon’s qualifications, the technique they use and where your surgery is carried out. Also whether Medicare or your Private Health Fund will cover some of your costs.

Dr Craig Rubinstein is one of the top plastic surgeons in Australia, and he has performed thousands of tummy tucks with and without muscle repair throughout the years.

URGENT UPDATE – The Australian Government has reinstated a Medicare Item Number for a Tummy Tuck for some post-pregnancy patients suffering from Diastasis Recti (Split Tummy Muscles) if you are eligible and meet the new criteria. This new 30175 Medicare Item Number – is effective 1st July 2022. Read the 30175 Medicare Item Number factsheet.

If you qualify for the 30175 Medicare item number you may also get a subsidy from your Health Fund. There will still be a significant out-of-pocket GAP as Tummy tuck surgery is NOT FREE.


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Cosmetic Surgery Price Guide

2022 Melbourne Tummy Tuck price ranges

  • $10,500 – $15,000 for a low-cost cheaper Tummy Tuck surgery – sometimes a mini tummy tuck “skin-only” with no muscle repair.
  • $15,000 – $18,000 for mid-range Tummy Tuck surgery.
  • $18,000 and above for premier Tummy Tuck surgery.

Different Types of Tummy Tucks a range of Prices

The following information will help break down the different price points and give you a better understanding of what you are actually paying for when you get a Tummy Tuck in Victoria, Australia. It is not as simple as saying that a tummy tuck will cost anywhere from $10,500 to upwards of $17,000. These numbers do not give you the whole picture.

There are many types and varieties of  tummy tuck surgery including;

For a post-Bariatric Surgery or Massive Weight Loss patient, there are also;


7 Factors that affect the cost of an Abdominoplasty in Melbourne

The price range of your tummy tuck will be affected by Who, What, When, Where, Why and How it is done and You – How complex your case is.

1. WHO will be performing your surgery?

  • Do they have experience in this type of surgery?
  • Have they done this before? And, can they show you examples of their past work?
  • Do they have professional accreditations and qualifications?

2. WHAT is included in your surgery quote?

  • Not all quotes include all the costs you will incur for your Tummy Tuck surgery.
  • Unfortunately, they might allude to certain aspects. For Example; recovery aids, post-operative care, medication, surgery garments, facility fees, anaesthetic cost and others.
  • It’s important that you carefully review your quote. So, you can clear up any grey areas you might have and make sure you aren’t hit with unexpected additions to your bill, post-surgery.

3. WHEN will your surgery take place?

  • If your surgery is booked several months (or more) in advance, you need to be aware that prices and Medicare rebate criteria can change.
  • We recommend speaking to our Patient Care Team about rapidly-changing hospital fees to see if you could be affected.

4. WHERE will your surgery be performed?

  • Will your surgery take place in a hospital under General Anaesthetic with an overnight hospital stay for observation and pain management?
  • Or, will you be “awake” during your Tummy Tuck using local anaesthetic and sedatives in a clinic backroom or day clinic?
  • While the second option will be less of a blow to your wallet it puts you in a higher risk category. Which can in turn lead to increased discomfort and chance of complications.

5. WHY are you having the procedure?

  • Are you having a Tummy Tuck procedure, solely for cosmetic reasons? Or, is it a medically indicated surgery?
  • If you are having your Abdominoplasty surgery for corrective/medical reasons it might increase the cost of your procedure. This is due to the fact it may be more complicated than a standard Tummy Tuck.

6. HOW long will your procedure take to be performed?

  • How long is your Tummy Tuck procedure going to take? Has your surgeon fully customised, planned and tailored your surgery to you?
  • The estimated surgical time for Abdominoplasty surgery is 2-4 hours depending on the complexity of the procedure. However, the theatre time required may vary from this estimate as there are many types of Tummy Tucks.
  • It should be noted that some newer doctors are much slower than others, as they haven’t refined their skills. Consequently, they can take a long time in theatre.
  • Experienced Surgeons are generally faster in theatre as their surgery is more organised and systematic. This reduces risk.
  • Tummy Tucks that are more complex need more planning before surgery. They also require more surgical skill and potentially more theatre time. All these factors can result in a higher cost.

7. YOU (Complexity of the case)

Your Tummy Tuck Price may reflect; the complexity of your case, your anatomy, pre-existing medical conditions or whether it is a revisionary abdominal surgery. The cost of an Abdominoplasty depends on multiple factors. It is not just your surgeons level of experience, but also on what you want and need, this includes but is not limited to;

  • Abdominal muscle repair
  • Excess skin and fat to be removed
  • Skinfold reduction required
  • Hernia repair
  • Liposuction shaping of the mons, stomach or flanks

Animation of a typical Tummy Tuck Surgery

Average Prices in Melbourne for a Tummy Tuck or Abdominoplasty

A low-cost ‘Tummy Tuck’ procedure price ranges from $10,500 to $15,000

This might look appealing but it’s the cheapest option and there are reasons it’s cheap. While it might be the most appealing due to its low cost, it could end up costing you the most in the long run.

  • Typically Tummy Tucks performed in this price range are NOT performed by a Specialist Plastic Surgeon but rather a general surgeon or possibly even a Doctor. In other words, a GP without RACS recognition.
  • It will most likely NOT be performed in a hospital, but rather in a clinic backroom using ‘awake’ or “twilight’ anaesthetic.
  • It may just be a ‘mini tummy tuck’ or “skin-only excision” – not a full muscle repair.
  • Your surgery might not be fully customised. If it’s not tailored specifically to you, your needs and wants you could end up with results you’re not satisfied with.
  • Your ‘Surgeon’ may not have the rights to admit you to a hospital should something go wrong.
  • The cost is most likely not all-inclusive you could end up with large out-of-pocket costs.
  • Your care after surgery could be of a low standard. In other words, you might not receive recovery aids, tips or instructions on how to manage and minimise your scarring.

A mid-range Tummy Tuck procedure price ranges from $15,000 to 18,000

With a Tummy Tuck in the mid-range ($14,000-$18,000),  what you are really paying for is a qualified FRACS Plastic Surgeon.

However, surgery costs can vary depending on factors such as:

  • Could be a FRACS Specialist Plastic Surgeon with fewer qualifications or experience.
  • Potential underlying muscle damage
  • Full muscle repair (see Diastasis Recti repair)
  • Correcting Hernias in the abdominal region
  • Quality of post-operative care.
  • Post-surgery recovery aids, from compression garments to scar recovery

A Premium Tummy Tuck price ranges upwards of $18,000

You are not only paying for an experienced FRACS* Plastic Surgeon,  you’re also paying for a surgeon that specialises and has extensive knowledge in abdominal procedures.

  • Your Abdominoplasty surgery is tailored and fully customised for you.
  • Surgery is expertly planned with the incision correctly placed and performed.
  • Post-operative care is included. From garments, information on scar minimisation and follow up appointments.
  • There is transparency when it comes to cost. You know exactly what you’re paying for and out-of-pocket costs are minimal if at all.

However, the range in this price point is still varied and different factors can affect the cost. Surgery fees, surgical complexity and follow up care can all impact the cost.

*Note* FRACS stands for ‘Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons‘. This title is only given to specialist surgeons that have completed at least 12 years of surgical and medical education. As well as a minimum of 5 years of specialist postgraduate training.


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Tummy Tuck Download Guide

What is included in a Quote for Tummy Tuck Surgery – Abdominoplasty?

As part of your financial informed consent, your Tummy Tuck Quote may include fees and costs such as

  • Your Surgeon’s Fee
  • Assistant’s Fee
  • Anaesthetists Fee
  • Surgical Theatre Fee
  • Hospital Room Fee – for staying in hospital – 1 or more nights
  • Surgical Extras like a Pain block, Extra Medications etc
  • Patient Extras Provided – Post-op Garments, Scar Treatments, After Care etc

Not all quotes are transparent. In other words, not everything is being covered. You could incur extra costs for things like;

  • Anaesthetic
  • Hospital or day room fees
  • Post-operative care
  • Surgery garments
  • Medication
  • Scar treatments
  • And more

Avoid being hit with unexpected costs post-surgery by making sure you review your price estimate and ask your surgeon any questions to get clarification.  At Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery, we strive to be transparent with all our clients. Our quotes are itemised so, you know exactly what you are paying for.

medicare cover for tummy tuck

Will Medicare or Private Health Insurance cover your Tummy Tuck Surgery?

In order to get coverage from your Private Health Fund, you will need an MBS Item number and the right level of cover. You will most likely only be partially covered for the cost of the surgery. Medicare only covers some Abdominoplasty patients based on meeting strict criteria for weight loss or post-pregnancy diastasis recti (Split tummy muscles) .

Read more about Medicare funding of Tummy Tuck Surgery.

For more information Download Medicare and Health Insurance Guide!

Funding Options for Your Tummy Tuck Surgery

It is important to find out.

Choosing a qualified Specialist Plastic Surgeon for your Abdominoplasty


  • Firstly, it’s important to remember that all cosmetic surgery is invasive and has an element of risk.
  • Secondly, surgery should always be planned, customised and performed by an expert. This reduces risks and needs for revision surgery.
  • Thirdly, everyone is different and every surgery will be different, never accept a one-size-fits-all approach.
  •  Finally, for a successful, long-lasting result, a customised procedure is essential.

Read about our top Melbourne Tummy Tuck Surgeons and ask us about other surgeons that have FRACS recognition and trusted patient reviews.

About Dr Craig Rubinstein

Dr Craig Rubinstein FRACS is one of Melbourne’s Best Specialist Plastic Surgeons for breast and tummy surgery.

He has been rated as a Top 3 Plastic Surgeon in Melbourne and rated a Top 5 Plastic Surgeon on the ‘Best in Australia’ website. 

Dr Rubinstein offers women personalised tummy surgery and all forms of cosmetic breast surgery.

He uses only the highest quality Motiva breast implants and is renowned for his natural-looking, long-lasting results.


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  • A referral from your GP or your specialist is helpful but not essential.
  • You need a medicare referral in order to claim any medicare benefits or Health Insurance for plastic surgery,
  • Please contact the Patient Care Team at Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery today to book your consultation.

What to Bring to your Consultation

  • You are more than welcome to bring a friend or relative to help discuss the information and your choices.
  • Ensure you also take a lot of notes and thoroughly examine the documents provided.
  • Please be aware you may need to undress for a physical exam so wear simple clothes.

*Disclaimer: Individual results can vary significantly from patient to patient. The information we provide is general. For further information on what to expect for your preferred procedures, arrange to see one of our Specialist Plastic Surgeons for a full history and surgical consultation. Read further information about surgical outcome variability on our Disclaimer page.