Reduce Bruising and Swelling after Breast Reduction Surgery

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7 Ways To Reduce Bruising and Swelling after Breast Reduction Surgery No matter the size or shape of the breasts, they are all naturally imperfect. Unfortunately, global studies have shown that more than 70% of women are unhappy with how their breasts look, and many see breast cosmetic surgery as a logical step. When it
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Breast Surgery for Gigantomastia or Very Big Breasts

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Gigantomastia: Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Big Breasts Gigantomastia (also called breast hypertrophy) is a rare condition in which a woman develops abnormally large breasts. It is a benign (non-cancerous) condition, and it can happen during puberty or pregnancy. There are several types of gigantomastia, however, the exact reason as to why it happens is
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2021 Top Breast Reduction Trends

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Top Breast Reduction Trends – Best practices for Breast Reduction Surgery by Dr Craig Rubinstein Breast reductions are one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures. This is due to the fact that it improves women’s daily comfort by alleviating the pain that large breasts can cause over time. It also saves them money in
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How to Reduce Breast Size: Is Surgery the Best Solution?


What can be done to Reduce Breast Size? Many women with very heavy breast tissues or large, ptotic breasts are often in pain. But it’s not just physical pain. They may feel less free to move or dress as they might like. They may also feel they look ‘frumpy’ or heavier than they actually are,
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How much does a Breast Reduction cost in Melbourne?


Guide to Melbourne Breast Reduction Prices – Boob Reduction Cost If you’re considering Breast Reduction Surgery or getting a Boob Reduction then chances are you’ve already found that the prices can vary drastically, this may have left you wondering why prices vary so much. Here are the different factors that impact prices for Breast Reduction
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Will Medicare Cover my Breast Reduction Surgery?

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Can I claim my Breast Reduction on Medicare? Patients always ask, will Medicare pay for my Breast Reduction surgery? –  There is significant research that indicates women’s health and post-pregnancy conditions, such as neck pain, shoulder pain, rashes or infections can be greatly relieved by breast reduction surgery (Reduction Mammoplasty) of their heavy, sagging &
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Scars After Plastic Surgery – Can Anything Be Done?


Scars after plastic surgery remain a concern most patients ask us about during a consultation. While we do all we can to reduce the visibility of your post-operation scars, most major procedures will leave a visible mark where the incision lines have been. But yes, after plastic surgery, you will have a scar. So what
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How Soon Can I Exercise After Breast Surgery?

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One of the most frequently asked questions by patients considering breast augmentation surgery is: “How soon can I exercise again after having breast surgery?” Having breast surgery can put a halt to physical activity and exercise throughout your recovery period. Many of us are keen to keep up the momentum of our previous active lifestyles or
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