Dr Craig Rubinstein in the Media

Dr Craig Rubinstein in the MEDIA

Dr Craig Rubinstein is a top Melbourne Specialist Plastic Surgeon and an Expert on Cosmetic Surgery for Women

Dr Rubinstein is a popular speaker and presenter in the field of cosmetic plastic surgery, breast surgery & tummy surgery and especially breast reduction and asymmetry. He is often found seen and quoted in the aesthetic media and popular media too.


Dr Craig Rubinstein on St Vincent Hospital’s Webinar for Doctors Nov 2020


Dr Craig Rubinstein seen on Channel 7 – About the CoVid Cosmetic Surgery boom

Dr Craig Rubinstein speaks at Vogue Events – 2018

Every year, Vogue magazine hosts Vogue Events. This is a special cosmetic, beauty and anti-ageing event at the Langham Hotel in Melbourne. Below are scenes from the presentation night where Dr Craig Rubinstein was one of the speakers regarding plastic surgery and breast reduction surgery. Vogue events regularly invite Dr Rubinstein to present at special events in Melbourne. He also attends international breast surgery conferences to stay abreast of advances in plastic surgery and related breast surgery news.

vogue events

vogue events
Vogue Magazine event attendees – Photo: Audience interaction with Dr Rubinstein during break-out sessions at the even

“Round table” discussions also allow patients a chance to talk with Dr Rubinstein and ask preliminary questions.

vogue events

Venue for VOGUE Plastic Surgery Event: Langham Hotel Date: October 2018

To find out further information about Dr Rubinstein’s media presentations and interviews, phone (03) 8849 1444 and ask for Business Manager, David Staughton.

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Further, there have been several editorials in Vogue that feature stories about patient results from Dr Craig Rubinstein. He is highly regarded for his expertise in post-pregnancy surgery such as Abdominoplasty, Breast Reduction, Augmentation and Mastopexy (Breast Lift) surgery in Melbourne and throughout Australia.


Dr Rubinstein and Social Media


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