Having a Tummy Tuck combined with a C-Section – Is it a good idea?

Pregnancy and childbirth by natural vaginal birth or caesarean C-section can impact your body. One of the main changes that occur during pregnancy is the stretching of your stomach and abdominal muscles – diastasis recti. This can leave you with stretch marks and low hanging, excess skin.

Unfortunately, having a caesarean or C-Section can exaggerate these body changes. It generally tends to leave behind a caesarean pooch or pouch, that hangs low in the abdominal region. Moreover, there is an association between a caesarean section and difficulty in losing weight post-pregnancy.

Many mothers seek cosmetic tummy surgery to help get their pre-baby body back. Dr Craig Rubinstein is a specialist plastic surgeon and mummy makeover expert in Melbourne, Australia.

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Can a Mummy Makeover help?

To help reduce the stress on new mothers after they have already gone through a surgical process of giving birth, there is a special post-baby body rejuvenation or mommy makeover package which includes several cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures.

These surgical procedures can help women get back their pre-pregnancy bodies and feel like themselves again. One of the procedures in the mummy makeover is a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty procedure with muscles repair. It is especially helpful for women who have had a C-Section.

Do you need a tummy tuck / abdominoplasty?

A tummy tuck procedure is a cosmetic surgery procedure that focuses on removing excess fat, tissue, and skin from the abdominal region. This removal of saggy skin can help people that have lost a significant amount of weight quickly or those that have had multiple pregnancies resulting in overhanging pooch or skin. 

The procedure enhances the contours of the abdomen while tightening it. This makes it look aesthetically pleasing and more naturally toned. Although removal of just the excess skin makes it sound like it is a small, minor procedure, the tummy tuck is far from it. Tummy tuck surgery is major surgery. It requires those undergoing it to meet certain criteria before they can even be considered for the procedure. 

Anyone thinking about the tummy tuck procedure should be mentally and physically healthy enough to undergo the procedure. This also means that women who have undergone a surgical birthing C -Section should allow their bodies to heal properly prior to undergoing a tummy tuck procedure.

You should also be a non-smoker or be prepared to give up for around 6 weeks before and after surgery. Its also important that you undergo the procedure for yourself, not others or to fit into a specific trend. Read the 2022 Top Tummy Tuck Treands.

Can I have a tummy tuck procedure after a C Section?

A full tummy tuck with muscle repair is a key part of a mummy makeover designed for women after pregnancy and birth. It is designed for women who have given birth recently. So the answer to this question is yes. However, there are a few pointers that you need to keep in mind. 

You can have a tummy tuck procedure after a caesarean only if you are having it around 6 to 12 months after the birth. This is so that your body has enough time to heal from one surgery before you undergo the second one. Furthermore, you should ideally only undergo a tummy tuck procedure after a caesarean if you are not planning on getting pregnant again.

Another important factor is that you should be at your ideal post-pregnancy weight. Weight fluctuations after the tummy tuck procedure can hamper the results of the cosmetic procedure. If you are thinking of undergoing a tummy tuck procedure after your caesarean, consult Dr Rubinstein to see if you meet the criteria and are eligible for the procedure. 

Benefits of Tummy Tuck procedure after a C-section

The tummy tuck procedure has many benefits, all of which are useful if it is performed after a caesarean. Since the most common issue resulting in women deciding to undergo tummy tuck procedure is the aesthetic of the abdomen due to saggy skin and droopy muscles, it is also the most important benefit. 

You’ll feel more confident This is because it tightens the abdominal skin and improves the natural contours of the abdomen. Moreover, personal and social relationships improve as well along with women reporting a significant energy boost after undergoing the procedure. 

A tummy tuck procedure after a caesarean section has many benefits, all of which are related to improving confidence and how comfortable new mums feel in their bodies. It has also been proven to assist posture and reduce incontinence.

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Candidates for Tummy Tuck procedure after a C-section

Although undergoing the tummy tuck procedure after a caesarean is considered safe and is actually even recommended in some cases, not everyone is eligible for this procedure.

The ideal candidates for the tummy tuck procedure after a caesarean are:

  • Women who had caesarean at least 6 months to 12 months before thinking of tummy tuck procedure
  • Women who have lost weight and reached their ideal, stable weight with only the excess skin being the issue. If you are yet to reach your ideal weight, we sugggest waiting before you undergo a tummy tuck.  
  • The last pregnancy before the tummy tuck was your last pregnancy. In other words, you dont want to carry more childern.  

If you meet these criteria, then you are ideal for a tummy tuck after your caesarean delivery. 

Should I combine Tummy Tuck with a C-section?

Probably Not. Dr Rubinstein does NOT recommend this approach. While combining a tummy tuck procedure with a caesarean is definitely possible, it is not recommended. There are certain issues that arise with this combination. The most important one is a lengthy recovery time which often takes away from your ability to bond with your newborn baby.

You do not want to stress about the recovery while also trying to bond with the child. Moreover, there is going to be excess weight in the body that you haven’t lost after pregnancy meaning that the results may not be the ideal results that you might be hoping for. In short, you get a worse result for all the effort.

FAQs – Questions about a Tummy Tuck after C-Section

How long after C-section can I get a tummy tuck?

  • You should give your body enough time to rest and recover from pregnancy and the caesarean section before undergoing any sort of surgical procedure.
  • The ideal waiting time between the two surgical procedures is 6 months to 12 months, depending on your health.
  • This is to allow your body to regain its pre-pregnancy self and to not be so stretched that the surgeon has a hard time determining the extent to which things need to be tightened. 

Can you ask for a tummy tuck during C-section?

  • Yes, you can ask for a tummy tuck during a caesarean section however, that does not mean that it is recommended or that you should definitely do so.
  • In fact, most surgeons will tell you to refrain from doing so. There are quite a few side effects associated with the C-Tuck procedure.

Is tummy tuck recovery worse than C-section?

  • While the pain tolerance differs between individuals, one thing most women who have undergone either mummy makeover or tummy tuck alone and caesarean section agree on is that the recovery from a tummy tuck procedure is far less taxing and painful than the recovery from caesarean.
  • Moreover, almost all women claim that whatever pain they felt both during the tummy tuck procedure and during the recovery period is far less compared to the C-section procedure and the associated recovery period. 

Can I get a mini tummy tuck after C-section?

  • As long as you give your body appropriate time to heal and restore its former self after birth, you could have a mini tummy tuck or ‘skin only’ tummy procedure without the muscle repair The optimal waiting period is 6 months to 12 months.

Does the C-section pooch go away?

  • Right after the caesarean section, there is quite a bit of inflammation and swelling that makes your lower abdomen hang lower.
  • While this swelling may subside gradually during the recovery period, it is important to know that this pooch will not flatten completely or go away permanently.
  • It will persist as it consists of scar tissue or subcutaneous tissue that is bound to form anywhere you have had a surgical incision. The ‘pooch’ is a marker of scar tissue formation and hence a marker of healing. 

How do I get rid of my belly after C-section?

  • Pregnancy stretches your uterus and abdominal muscles and after the birth is complete, this stretched skin begins to form an overhang, ruining the aesthetics of your abdominal region. This can also appear as if you have a belly, which is far from the truth.
  • One of the easiest ways to get rid of this belly after birth, especially if birth by C-section, is to undergo a tummy tuck or full abdominoplasty procedure or a mini tummy tuck procedure to tighten the loose skin and tissues.

Does a tummy tuck lift your pubic area?

  • A tummy tuck removes excess skin from your abdominal region and enhances the natural contours of the abdomen.
  • It has the ability to lift your pubic area or enhance the contours of the region – especially when combined with liposuction of the mons or FUPA.  

Is it harder to lose weight after a caesarean?

  • Yes, losing weight after a caesarean section can be slightly harder than losing weight after vaginal birth. This is because your body has to heal from the surgery before it can heal itself from the process of birth.
  • This longer healing period doesn’t allow you to get back in shape easily or at least, quickly. You may need quite a while before you are fully able to shed the pregnancy weight. Even then you may still have excess skin and stubborn fat.  

What exercises can I do to get rid of the C-section pouch?

  • The most important thing to help you get rid of your stubborn C-section pouch after birth is to maintain a nutritious, healthy diet that also allows you to have a restricted caloric intake without any negative side effects on health.
  • Caloric intake is key to losing weight, even more than exercises as exercises aren’t always effective. 
  • Exercises to lose the C-section pooch include belly breathing or vacuums, wall sitting or sitting planks, leg slides, and Kegels. Apart from Kegels which help improve the strength of your pelvic muscles, you shouldn’t perform any of these exercises during the recovery period from the procedure. Only once your scar has healed, and you feel energized and much better, you should begin these exercises to help get rid of the pooch.  
  • If diet and exercise doesn’t help – consider a tummy tuck surgery.

Does health insurance cover a tummy tuck after C-section?

  • Insurance, in general, does not pay for procedures that fall under the cosmetic procedures category, and a tummy tuck is currently considered to be a cosmetic procedure. This is because it aims to improve the aesthetics of the abdominal region rather than being a medical necessity. NOTE – The Medicare Item number for post pregnancy tummy tuck is being reviewed and criteria may change in late 2022
  • However, health insurance providers sometimes will pay for a panniculectomy after weight loss. A procedure performed with the purpose of removing the lower abdominal skin hanging like an apron.
  • This reimbursement or coverage is dependant on you meeting the strict Medicare criteria and having the right level of cover. Call your health insurer and ask about coverage for Medicare Item Number 30177

Medical References about Tummy Tuck after C-Section

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