Patient Case Study: Breast Augmentation with Large Implants after Weight Loss

Patient Case Study: Large Breast Augmentation with Large Implants after Weight Loss (450 cc)

Jenna was 22 when she lost 35kg over a period of 8 months, after deciding to start exercising and eating better.

Even though she had always had naturally large breasts (GGG), when she lost that degree of weight, her breasts went down 5 to 6 cup sizes!

This was when Jenna decided she wanted a breast lift with implants, known as a mastopexy augmentation.

Patient Case Study: Patient Details

  • Age range: 20-30
  • Height: 175cm tall
  • Weight after lifestyle changes: 69kgs.
  • Skin condition: healthy/good
  • Non-smoker
  • Implant size (primary surgery): 450 round textured silicone high profile (Mentor)
  • Operating facility: St Vincent’s private hospital, Kew
  • Surgery: Mastopexy-Augmentation using large breast implants (a combined lift and augmentation)
  • Number of surgeons consulted before choosing a surgeon: two (2)


Breast Implants: Considering Breast Augmentation Surgery? Get the guide!

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Implant Size Ranges

Note that implant sizes range from small (150/250 cc) to large (over 400 is getting into the large range, but implant sizes can exceed 600 cc/700 cc). Further, not all patients are suitable for larger, heavy breast implants. The condition of the skin, the body frame/physique, body mass index/BMI (weight/height), torso length, exercise preferences and lifestyle habits all must be taken into account when selecting the right implant size to suit any particular patient’s physique and breast enlargement or cleavage goals

Patient Case Study: Getting a Second Opinion for Breast Surgery

  • “It is always wise to have a second opinion before having breast surgery,” note the surgeons at Hawthorn/Melbourne plastic surgery and Sydney plastic surgery clinics
  • Remember, too, that all surgeons have unique personalities and styles of discussing surgery (personality traits influence how surgeons communicate with patients pre-surgery and post-surgery)

Each consultation with a specialist plastic surgeon (vs a cosmetic surgeon) will bring you new information on what to expect, the downtime, recovery time, waiting periods for exercising and other factors to consider, including surgery risks and prices/costs of breast augmentation.

“Cheap breast implants are often not worth the risk – especially if they’re not a well-recognised brand by a genuine FRACS specialist plastic surgeon” note many of the surgeons who insist on using quality implants from recognised vendors such as Motiva or Mentor.

Read the Four Corners report on the cosmetic industry (including video) about less-qualified non-specialist doctors who perform breast surgery without FRACS.

Patient Case Study: Post-Breast Augmentation Surgery Results

Having had her surgery in July (2016), the patient is well past her breast augmentation recovery process.

This after photo was taken by the patient (as a selfie) in approximately September 2017, over a year after surgery.

big boob augmentation

Patient Education tip: Remember if you have breast surgery, it’s important to attend all follow-up appointments – after surgery, we will recommend annual check-up appointments with your plastic surgeon.

See before and after images of Dr Rubinstein’s breast augmentation surgery results. Note that all patients are unique and many factors can influence your surgery experience and surgery results.

Patient Case Study: Implant Over the Muscle or Under the Muscle?

For breast augmentation after weight loss, are implants better over the muscle or under the muscle? Every surgeon and every patient makes this decision based on numerous factors; there’s no one answer that suits all breast augmentation patients.

Tip: One of the things you need to consider when having breast implants is where to put them. There are two choices – under or over the muscle.

Patient’s input in this case study of a large breast augmentation with large implants, after significant weight loss from lifestyle changes:

“I wanted to go under the muscle because they feel more natural and they tend to look more natural, and I think if they’re under the muscle there’s less chance of impact with breastfeeding. I said I still wanted to be full up top and that’s why he suggested the round ones.”

While there is no guarantee that you can breastfeed after having implants, many women who have breast augmentation do go on to have children and breastfeed.

Find out your breast augmentation surgery risks, and what to know about choosing large breast implants vs smaller implants; as well as discuss the likelihood of being able to breastfeed after having breast augmentation surgery with different implants sizes, as well as what to expect from your surgery results for breast augmentation after weight loss, during a personal consultation with plastic surgeon Dr Rubinstein in Melbourne.

Patient Case Study: Recovery/Downtime

I took 4 weeks off work because I work as a nanny to twins. At 3 ½ years old they still require a lot of lifting. However, I would have been fine to go back after 2 ½ weeks. I bounced back much more quickly than everyone thought.”

  • “I felt fine when I woke up from the surgery – it felt like a little bit of pressure – it was a couple of hours after I got a bit of pain when I went from lying down to sitting up.”
  • “It was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. I was on 2 endone every 4 hours for the first 48 hours. And then only took it at night for about another week. Then I stopped altogether.”

Patient Case Study: Operation Facility for Breast Augmentation Surgery in Melbourne

Jenna stayed in a private room at St Vincent’s Private Hospital in Kew overnight. There are other private hospitals that other surgeons perform surgery in, and hospitals are often more focused on patient-safety-protocols than non-hospital locations such as clinic back rooms. We recommend breast augmentation be performed in an accredited Australian hospital setting.

Patient Case Study: Post-Breast Augmentation Surgery Support Bras and Sports Bras

Post-Breast augmentation surgery support is important. Appropriate support bras or sports bras help reduce swelling.

  • “At the start, I had a support bra. And a week later, I went back for a sports bra fitting.”
  • “I wear it every day and when I sleep.”
  • “One thing that made the difference I iced them afterward, and I think that really helped with the swelling. One of my friends who had hers done said one thing that helped hers was icing them a lot.”

Find more information on What is the Best Bra After Breast Surgery?

Patient Case Study: Post-Surgery Scarring (inframammary  incision location)

  • At the time of the patient interview/case study follow up, the patient indicated the scars were flat and already starting to fade.
  • Note it can take 12 months or longer for scars to fully settle and mature.
  • Some incision lines may develop complications or infections or respond with keloids, but ask your surgeon for scar management information before you have your surgery.
  • Some post-surgery scar treatments such as light therapy, Fraxel or even silicone strips may be able to reduce scars.
  • But for most breast augmentation procedures, especially those that use larger implants, the breast tissues/breast volume in the lower breast covers the inframammary fold area, and hence, covers the scar(s) in most positions (exception: lying down or raising hands over the heads and other activities may reveal more of the scar, depending on the bra/clothing and how much it has faded/healed).

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Excerpted from the original interview/consumer case study article about large breast augmentation

Case study material from an article published originally by Trish | APR 14, 2017 | Posted in Plastic Surgery Hub

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