Uneven Breast: Is Your Left Breast A Lot Larger than Your Right?

Surgery Solutions for An Uneven Breast

Every woman has some noticeable differences between their left and right breasts or nipple areas. It is not uncommon, in fact, for one breast to be a lot larger than the other breast. Perhaps you simply have different shaped breasts. Or the breast on one side of your body falls lower on the chest wall than the other. Perhaps the nipples appear mismatched in colour, shape, location or size.

But some women have very noticeably uneven breast volumes (or different breast and nipple shapes, sizes or positions). This is a condition called asymmetric breasts. Surgery can sometimes help reduce the differences.

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What does the medical term “Asymmetric Breasts” mean?

The definition of asymmetric breasts or asymmetric nipples is “breasts and/or nipples that are noticeably different in size, shape, colour, location or volume.” This term simply means you have two noticeably differently shaped breasts – often with variances in breast size (volume), shape, nipple appearance and nipple position.

Corrective asymmetric breast surgery can typically even up the breasts size. However, even after corrective breast surgery, your breasts are still going to be “more like sisters than identical twins.” That’s just the nature of breasts and bodies.

My Breasts Are Uneven, Should I Have Surgery and, if so, What Surgery Will Correct Different Sized Breasts?

Typically, the left breast is larger than the right breast, but this can vary from woman to woman. Up to 20% difference in breast sizes is usually not overly problematic for most women.  Generally, there is not a medical concern with an uneven breast or different breast sizes, although it might affect posture and balance if it’s very severe.

It can also impede with finding a good fitting bra or with wearing different fashions. That noted, if your breasts suddenly change in size (rather than a lifelong difference), you do want to have it investigated immediately to be sure nothing is amiss, health wise.

Surgery to Correct an Uneven Breast or Different Sized Nipples is a Personal Decision

Surgery is a serious endeavour, and should not be taken lightly. Further, surgery results can vary from person to person. It really depends on the overall physique and the skin condition of the breasts, as well as where the nipples sit (nipple position), as to whether or not a woman wants to correct the asymmetry with a breast lift, breast reduction or breast augmentation procedure

Further, if you have large, pendulous breasts that cause back pain, neck pain or shoulder bra-strap dig ins, then you may want to explore your breast reduction surgery options.

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One Breast A Lot Larger than The Other Breast?

Breast surgery can help if you suffer from uneven sized breasts or very different looking breasts on your left side versus your right side. It’s not uncommon to have asymmetric breasts. For some women, it can make clothes shopping and bra shopping nearly impossible.

But surgery to correct for asymmetry – where one breast is a lot larger or bigger than the other breast – is a complex procedure. It’s not as simple as choosing a different sized implant. Other issues – such as nipple asymmetry or ptosis (drooping) come into effect.

Fixing one issue during breast surgery for asymmetric, or different sized breasts, can sometimes make other asymmetries or breast concerns more noticeable.


Breast Asymmetry Requires a Specialist Breast Surgeon

The number one important thing you want to ensure, if you’re having surgery to even up your breasts when you have a larger breast on one side than the other, is to have good communication with your specialist plastic surgeon.

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