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Why I Prefer Motiva Implants for Breast Surgery

Dr Craig Rubinstein is one of the most experienced Melbourne Plastic Surgeons. He has over 20 years of experience in aesthetic breast surgery including Breast lift (Mastopexy), Augmentation and Reductions. He has used a range of the best breast implants during his career, his current implant of choice is the Motiva Breast implant.

Using top quality, reputable breast implant brands is vital to not only achieve and maintain your desired result and may also help minimise any risks. Dr Rubinstein and his team use only quality manufactured breast implants that meet Australia’s high regulatory standards.

Furthermore, Breast implants are classified as a type of prosthesis and as such are monitored by medical device approval organisations. So, when it comes to breast implants what kind does an experienced plastic surgeon like to use? Motiva!

Motiva was approved for Australian use in 2016. It quickly became the prosthesis of choice for many surgeons performing Breast Implant procedures.

This article will explore some of the differences between Motiva Breast Implants and some other brands. As well as, why they may be a suitable option for your procedure.


Why are Motiva implants different?

The Motiva manufacturer’s vision is not to meet current quality standards for breast implants but to EXCEED them. Comprehensive testing has been carried out on their product in 3 major areas:

  • Chemically
  • Physically
  • And, Biologically

Motiva Breast Implants have a specially designed form and texture and are made of medical-grade silicone. Materials for the implants are produced by one of the largest silicone manufacturers, with more than 30 years of experience.

Furthermore, Motiva has claimed that their implants are able to adapt to your needs over time while still maintaining their shape. In other words, they might be a suitable choice for you if you have an athletic, active lifestyle.

Motiva has gained a reputation as a replacement option for many patients who have had issues and complications with different brands of implants. Dissatisfaction or complications with other brands may have led to revision surgery or removal of previous implants and a replacement (with Motiva implants).

Furthermore, they are a popular choice for women wanting a mini breast augmentation. In other words – smaller breast implants to suit a slight frame or the physique of a very active, athletic woman.

More About Motiva Implants

  • You can recognise a Motiva implant by its slightly purple colour.
  • Electronic chip device
  • Enables future medical scanning.
  • This assists medical teams to track the type, size and brand of implant used.
  • This is especially helpful if you require revision surgery, removal or replacement in the future.
  • Patients can choose whether they join the database or not. However, most find it beneficial to keep a medical record.

What is the price difference between Motiva implants and other implant brands?

With that being said the price of a pair of breast implants can range from around $400 to $2400. This price does NOT include other fees (surgery, hospital and surgeon fees or anaesthetists charges).

While there is some variation in cost, most quality manufacturers of breast prostheses like Mentor and Motiva have a similar price structure. Motiva also has a premium range which is more expensive.

More often than not patients are willing to pay more for a breast implant that has been manufactured in a sterile environment with a high-quality cohesive gel structure.

Are Motiva Implants available in Australia?

Yes, Dr Rubinstein offers Motiva-manufactured brand implants to his surgery patients.

The manufacturer of Motiva (Spiran) only offers Motiva implants to genuinely qualified Specialist Plastic Surgeons. They do not and will not supply their implants to a ‘surgeon’ who does not have the qualifications, experience or training of a Specialist Breast Surgeon. In other words, they don’t sell to Cosmetic or General Surgeons.

Motiva experts are available at most of the advanced training courses attended by Australia’s top Breast Surgeons, including our fantastic team at Coco Ruby.

Silicone breast implants, what’s involved?

A lot of modern breast implants are made from cohesive gels. The feel and consistency of cohesive gel implants are often compared to ‘gummy bears’. Furthermore, its structure means that if the implant gets punctured or otherwise injured (ruptured), the gel generally tends to stay in place.

Cohesive gel implants are available in a range of varying;

  • Consistencies
  • Thicknesses
  • And, levels of durability.

Why choose Motiva (and cohesive gel) implants?

The consistency of implant gels has changed over the years, more so with the introduction of cohesive gel. The cohesive gel seems to hold together even when damaged by either a rupture or significant trauma to the breast. Another potential outcome of Gel-based implants is they also look and feel softer. This, however, depends also on implant size, placement and technique used by your chosen Surgeon.

Is there a reduced risk of Capsular Contracture with Motiva implants?

If you have been researching Breast Augmentation chances are you have read about the risk of capsular contracture, also known as ‘caps con’. This can affect some patients and requires re-operation. Inflammation and/or infection can lead to capsular contracture as well as other difficulties. This can result in breast implant removal or replacement being need. Capsular contracture is an unfortunate but real possibility and it is important you;

  • do your research
  • discuss surgical risks with your chosen surgeon.
  • And, to fully understand the risks involved

Motiva researchers claim that the special-design of the implants may slightly reduce the risks of Capsular Contracture. However, we can’t confirm this as research is ongoing.

However, Motiva manufacturer’s report that the satisfaction rates of patients with Motiva implants are around 94.5%. This figure is impressive. As a result, we suggest keeping an eye on any related research.

Will Motiva implants rupture less readily than other implants?


  • An implant rupture occurs in a breast implant when the casing (or outer shell) becomes damaged.
  • Implant age can lead to a higher risk of rupture/damage. This can increase the need for breast implant removal and replacement.
  • Implant age refers to the time since the implant insertion.
  • There may be the potential for an implant to ‘spill’ out to surrounding tissue. This depends on the type/brand of breast implant used.
  • Fortunately, research shows significantly lower incidences of ruptures and impacts when quality modern implants are used.
  • ‘Single lumen’ and certain other implants have
  • Several years ago certain implants like ‘single lumen’ reported ruptures and leaks.
  • However, quality implants today have been engineered to reduce as much risk as possible.
  • Steps are taken to minimise the risk of rupture;
    • Using cohesive gel technology
    • Minimal handling
    • 14 step patient safety guide for the insertion of breast implants
  • Scientific tests were carried out on the strength of impact. And, Motiva Implants rupture rate falls below 0.1%.
  • Tests (to address the potential risks of infection) showed the levels of endotoxins on Motiva breast implants was only 1% (of the maximum value) before they were sterilised.
  • In other words, the implant is “clean” before it comes out of the package, and even “cleaner” after sterilisation.

Motiva implants – Addressing sterilisation across every step of the procedure

  • Sterilisation during manufacturing is important to Motiva.
  • Manufacturers reportedly adhere to very high standards.
  • The implant is only placed into the body (breast pocket) during surgery and AFTER sterilisation.
  • S. and European Pharmacopoeias standards are used as a base for this type of testing.
  • Motiva implant researchers reported that unlike other brands, salt/sugar is not used to texture the implant shell resulting in a low level of endotoxins
  • Velvet, Silk surface and Motiva Implants, are made with biocompatible materials. They do not contain salt or sugar.
  • These manufacturers believe this helps reduce some complication risks.
  • Overseas cosmetic surgery tourism and flying after surgery are very risky.

What brand of implants should I choose?

While picking an implant brand for your Augmentation procedure is a personal choice, you will be guided by your chosen Plastic Surgeon.

‘One size fits all’ does not work when it comes to Breast Augmentation. Furthermore, there is no ‘one type or one brand’ that will work for everyone. Your surgeon will often suggest a brand of implant that they have extensive knowledge and experience with. One they know that can trust.

An experienced surgeon will happily disclose the brand they use and discuss their experience. They will also willingly share why they prefer the brand over others. Be cautious of any surgeon that won’t openly discuss the above.

Dr Craig Rubinstein is part of Coco Ruby Plastic Surgery group. Surgeons at the practice use both Motiva and Mentor brand implants. Both of which are legally approved.

It’s important that when doing your research and picking your implant brand that you choose one that is legally approved in Australia. It’s also important to choose the implant brand that is right for your lifestyle and your body.

What else should you consider before undergoing a Breast Augmentation?

When it comes to your Breast Augmentation choosing your implant type and brand type are not the only choices you will need to make. Below are some other things you need to consider before you undergo your surgery;

  1. First, the profile and size of the breast implant
  2. Second, implant position. For example, sub-glandular, sub-muscular or dual plant.
  3. You also need to consider your level of droopiness or ‘breast ptosis’. Can your skin handle the weight of the implant without bottoming out?
  4. Do you need an Augmentation or a Breast Lift (Mastopexy)? perhaps you need a combined procedure
  5. What is the expected ‘shelf life’ of your implants? Silicone-filled implants do not last forever. And, you may need an implant removal and replacement (taking out old implants and putting in new ones) or a straight removal.
  6. Lastly, Breast surgery can potentially impact breastfeeding, so it is important to take this into consideration. If it applies to you.


Dr Rubinstein, Melbourne based Specialist Plastic Surgeon is waiting to talk to you about what you desire and work through your different options to ascertain what procedure will give you the result you long for.

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Dr Rubinstein offers women personalised abdominoplasty surgery and all forms of cosmetic breast surgery.

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