The World’s Best Plastic Surgeons Use Motiva Implants

Best Plastic Surgeons using Motiva Implants

Motiva breast implants are one of the most modern types of implants and are rapidly gaining popularity among plastic surgeons and patients around the world. There’s also an indication that several of the world’s top plastic surgeons are now prefer Motiva breast implants for their augmentation surgery patients. Why is this the case?

Why the world's best Plastic Surgeons are using Motiva breast implants (Motiva vs mentor) for Breast Augmentation

Why Five of the World’s Top Breast Augmentation Surgeons Now Use Motiva Implants

Motiva is quickly becoming one of Australia’s premium brands of breast implants, alongside the well known Mentor line. Features of Motiva breast implants include:

  • Excellent elasticity – they can look and feel more natural after breast augmentation surgery
  • New textural designs aimed to reduce complication risks
  • Shorter scars/smaller incisions
  • Less implant handling due to ease of insertion
  • Allows for under-the-muscle placement for breast shaping to enable a ‘designer cleavage’ approach

Motiva Breast Implant Design Differences and Aims

  • Shape retention – surface texture advances allow for stability and under-muscle placement
    • more precision shaping of the breasts
    • improved cleavage contours (breast projection)
    • longevity of results
      • subject to skin strength, weight changes, pregnancy or other life events impacting breast tissues
  • Smaller or shorter incision lines (smaller scars)
  • Designed for long-term breast augmentation results

Surgeon Benefits of Motiva Implants

Although the Motiva implants haven’t been available in Australia as long as other breast implants, they have undergone rigorous testing before approval for use in Australia by plastic surgeons (genuine plastic surgeons, not cosmetic surgeons). Several of Australia’s top plastic surgeons and breast surgery experts in Australia are now also offering Motiva implants to breast augmentation surgery patients.

Further, several of the world’s best-ranked plastic surgery colleagues in the UK, Asia, Korea and the USA.

Remember, a cosmetic surgeon* could be a GP or skin doctor who entered cosmetic surgery without undertaking 14 years of rigorous surgery-specific training required to gain plastic surgeon recognition and hospital operating rights. Further, be sure you know the difference between a plastic surgeon vs a cosmetic surgeon.

Breast Implant Prosthesis Safety Protocols and Testing Measures

Medical grade breast implant approval in numerous countries including Australia, means they underwent extensive testing by medical prosthesis approval agencies (e.g. FDA, TGA). This includes physical durability testing, as well as chemical and biological testing (patient safety testing).

On the list of breast prosthesis device development goals set by the Motiva developers, was breast augmentation patient safety. One of the potential problems of breast implants is bacterial infections or biofilms. These can sometimes form on the surface of an implant in certain environments or cases.

For some patients, getting an infection or biofilms might be linked to capsular contracture risks, resulting in misshapen breasts or the need for revision surgery.  It is believed that Motiva implants have a reduced risk due to their advanced surface technology and their ability to be inserted with a Keller Funnel.

Dynamic Movement May Improve Breast Shape Retention (can vary from patient to patient or surgery to surgery)

Motiva implants aim to provide more advanced shape retention capacity as well as a more natural look and feel. This capacity is due in part to their “ultra-soft” filling (a premier silicone gel). It is also due in part to the fact these implants have nano-texture (an advancement in implant shell casing technology).

Nano-textures can help your plastic surgeon shape your breasts and cleavage (the ‘designer cleavage’ concept). This helps “align” internal breast tissues with your breast implant, allowing for better internal adherence.

When you move your arms or upper torso the implants move with you in a more natural or dynamic way rather than just ‘staying in one place’ no matter what movements you make.

Medical Database Capability or Breast Prosthesis MicroChip (“Q Inside Safety Technology” by Mentor TM)

Motiva implants have available a special scanning chip for future medical reference. It’s called Q Inside Safety Technology™ by the manufacturer/supplier, and is a small micro-transponder that contains breast implant data such as serial number, manufacturer name, manufacturing date.

This can help a Surgeon monitor the implant; or help a new surgeon identify the type, model and size of implant you had inserted if you lose your medical records or if you choose to have a revision surgery or removal and replacement in 10 or more years’ time.

How Many Options are There in the Motiva Breast Implant Line?

Overall, they are more than 500 Motiva implants to choose from based on different specifications (e.g. Mini, Semi, Full and Corsé).

This allows the patient and the plastic surgeon to collaboratively select the best specifications that will help meet the patient’s breast augmentation needs and body type. You can use Motiva for a mini-boob job (250 or 275 cc) or a larger one (over 400 cc in size)

Dr Craig Rubinstein Specialist Plastic Surgeon Accredited Hospitals

Five of the World’s Top Plastic Surgeons using Motiva

Five of the top-rated plastic surgeons in the world currently using Motiva breast implants include:

Dr Craig Rubinstein at his Australian Clinic – Cosmetic Surgery for Women & Men in Melbourne, Australia (Hawthorn East). Dr. Craig Rubinstein is one of Australia’s leading breast surgeons. He has over 25 years experience in plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgery.

Dr Rubinstein is frequently contacted for second opinions when breast surgery is sought, because of his outstanding reputation for providing an honest opinion. He is also dedicated to patient education, extensive pre-surgery planning and measurements, and to getting an aesthetically pleasing result.

He also focuses on creating natural looking, aesthetically balanced breast augmentation results for long-term success and results stability.

Further, his patients know him as the go to surgeon for delivering outstanding patient care and detailed information on procedures.

Small Scars After Breast Implants Surgery-Dr-Craig-Rubinstein in Scrub

UK Plastic Surgeon and Motiva Brand Trainer, Dr Marcos Sforza – Birmingham, UK

Worlds Best Plastic Surgeons Using Motiva Dr Marcos Sforza Image Dr Craig Rubinstein
Source: AAPSW 2018 – Melbourne. Photo by Francesco Vicenzi/Clinical Imaging Australia

Dr. Marcos Sforza has an excellent reputation across the world for being an innovative breast augmentation surgeon.

He has been researching breast augmentation results and patient-safety and working directly with Motiva. Further, he is passionate about improving breast surgery results and breast implant surgery longevity, reducing breast implant complications and improving patient-safety.

Dr. Marcos Sforza recently held a live surgery training in Dolan Park Hospital, Birmingham, UK.

USA Plastic Surgeon, Dr Dennis Hammond – Inventor of the SPAIR Breast Reduction Technique

Dr Dennis Hammond is an internationally renowned top Plastic Surgeon, based in the USA in the Great Lake area, not far from Chicago.

Here’s his background (excerpted from his website:

“Based on this experience, Dr. Hammond has himself now gone on to become one of the world’s most recognised and respected authorities in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery of the breast. He has co-edited one of the most influential textbooks in plastic surgery along with his friend and colleague Dr. Scott Spear from Georgetown University in Washington DC.

In addition, he has authored numerous book chapters concerning a host of breast related topics in nearly every respected plastic surgery textbook currently in use. He has now also written his own single author textbook, “Atlas of Aesthetic Breast Surgery” first published in 2009. This best selling text is currently recognised by every serious student of breast surgery as a “how to” guide to successful outcomes.

Dr. Hammond’s Experience

Dr. Hammond has also authored many scientific papers, and currently serves as an associate editor for “Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery,” the main scientific journal for plastic surgeons around the world. Dr. Hammond also serves on the editorial board for Annals of Plastic Surgery, and serves as a reviewer for scientific articles for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and the Journal of Aesthetic Surgery. Dr. Hammond has also performed live surgery as part of surgical demonstrations at various meetings all over the world including at the prestigious Baker-Gordon Aesthetic Surgery Symposium and multiple times at the Atlanta Breast Symposium.

He has also given literally hundreds of presentations at meetings all over the globe. He has also served as the chairman of the well respected Sante Fe Breast and Body Contouring Symposium three times, most recently in 2011. Dr Hammond is a member of and serves on numerous committees for the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) as well as for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS). Dr. Hammond routinely gives numerous panel lectures and instructional courses at the annual meetings for both of these societies. Dr. Hammond is also a member of the prestigious American Association of Plastic Surgeons.” Source:    Accessed online on 22 May 2018.

Munich, Germany: Patrick Bauer of the Medical Clinic in Munich – a breast surgery expert and World Recognised Plastic Surgeon using Mentor Implants for Breast Surgery

Dr. Patrick Bauer (Plastic Surgeon, Munich) has had over 20 years experience as a medical experienced in plastic-asesthetic surgery. His areas of expertise include breast augmentation, breast lifting, breast reduction and implant exchange.  He is the only plastic surgeon that focuses exclusively on the female breast in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Since he opened the doors to his office, he has seen well more than 6000 satisfied patients.

On his website, Dr. Bauer lists the above mentioned reasons for using Motiva implants but he also lists the following as benefits:

  • Unique guarantee program with Lloyd’s of London
  • Excellent patient support
  • Ultra-soft, form-stable filling gel for optimal shaping and a good natural feeling
  • In a 5-year study on 102,498 Motiva implants, only 16 were attributable to product defects. There were no incidents of double capsule formation, seromas or other issues.

Korea/Southeast Asia: Surgeon Martin Huang, uses Mentor Implants at his Medical Clinic in Korea

Dr. Huang is an internationally recognised and respected expert in breast augmentation in Korea. He’s respected by physicians in the field for his work on updating and upgrading plastic surgeon techniques.

For over 25 years, he has performed breast augmentation procedures and is also known for his revision procedures on patients who have suffered from complications from surgery in the past or have had less than optimal results.

He also carries out extensive and detailed preoperative planning and uses advanced 3D imaging to determine the ideal implant volume for the patient.

Plastic Surgeon Martin Huang was also one of the first surgeons to decide to use Motiva implants.

Excerpted from his website:

Dr Huang has been performing breast augmentation for more than twenty five years. His breast augmentation practice comprises primary breast augmentation, and revision breast augmentation for patients who have had less than optimal results or who have had complications from procedures undergone with other practices.

He is also experienced in performing more complicated procedures such as breast augmentation combined with simultaneous breast lift (for patients whose breasts are both empty and sagging), as well as fat grafting to the breast (either as an alternative to breast implants or combined with breast implants).”  Source:  Accessed: 22 May 2018

Dr Craig Rubinstein Breast Augmentation Before and After Image