Mummy Makeover

Breast and Tummy Surgery Combined for a Mummy Makeover

What is a Mummy Makeover?

A Mummy makeover is a combination of plastic surgery procedures that can help restore your post-pregnancy body. There is no typical combination of procedures as these are generally tailored to your individual needs. These procedures may include a combination of a Tummy Tuck with a Breast Augmentation, a Breast Reduction, a Breast Lift or a Breast Lift with Implants.

Sometimes all the exercise in the world cannot help a body that has been stretched or is suffering torn abdominal muscles due to pregnancy.

In the past, mothers have simply lived with the post-pregnancy changes to their bodies. However, modern plastic surgery procedures now give many women the chance to regain their pre-pregnancy bodies. These advances include smoothing contours, improving ptosis, as well as repairing damage such as abdominal hernias and diastasis recti.

Mummy makeovers combine plastic surgery procedures that address issues including:

  • Restoring breast shape
  • Correcting sagging breasts (also known as breast ptosis
  • Address nipple size or shape
  • Correct sagging stomach skin and stubborn abdominal fat
  • Repair abdominal muscle issues
  • Address issues with urinary incontinence, vaginal dryness, or laxity

mummy makeover by Dr Craig Rubinstein

Most Common Mummy Makeover Combine Procedures

The most commonly combined procedures are breast and tummy tuck surgery. However, there are a number of surgeries that can be combined to create the preferred outcome. Surgeries that can be combined for a mummy makeover procedure include:

  • Breast surgery
    • Augmentation
    • Reduction
    • Lift (with or without implants)
  • Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty)
  • Body contouring liposuction/liposculpture
  • Arm lift (Brachioplasty)
  • Inner thigh lift
  • Vaginal tightening (MonaLisa Touch laser)

Mummy Makeover Procedure

A mummy makeover procedure is a complex surgery that is a highly complex series of procedures. It should be undertaken by one of Australia’s top plastic surgeons, like Dr Craig Rubinstein. Further, a mummy makeover may need to be performed over several procedures, depending on the outcome. This is something that would need to be discussed with your surgeon during your consult.

Download Dr Rubinstein’s Mummy Makeover Procedure Guide

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When Should I Consider a Mummy Makeover?

If you have finished having children and are concerned about your post-pregnancy body, then a mummy makeover procedure might be a good option for you. Further, mummy makeover is generally suitable for mothers of all ages – consult your plastic surgeon for more information. Post-pregnancy body concerns can include:

  • Incontinence
  • Lower back issues since giving birth
  • You are suffering from abdominal issues including diastasis recti
  • Abdominal sagging and fat deposits that are not improved with exercise or diet
  • Breasts that have become large, heavy and/or ptotic (sagging) or have lost volume after breastfeeding
  • Flabby upper arms that do not improve with exercise
  • Vaginal laxity or dryness

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Scarring after surgery

All surgery leaves scarring, as will mummy makeover procedures. The level and location of your scarring will depend on the procedures undertaken. However experienced surgeons like Dr Rubinstein are extremely careful about scar placement and minimisation, with surgical scars generally fading over time.

Dr Rubinstein also conducts follow-up treatments using a Fraxel Laser and Healite II to minimise your scars, with most scars being barely visible after 12 months.

Breastfeeding and Future Pregnancy

Pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding can drastically change your body. As a result, it is recommended that you wait until after you have finished having children before pursuing a mummy makeover.

However, if you wish to pursue a mummy makeover with breast augmentation and are considering breastfeeding in the future, it is important to remember that many women are unable to breast feed, regardless of whether they have undergone a breast augmentation procedure or not. However, a breast augmentation may affect your ability to breastfeed, especially if you decide to have an incision around the nipple.

Breast Screening

If you are considering any type of breast augmentation as part of your mummy makeover you may be wondering if it will affect future breast screening. In general, breast implants cause very little, if any, interference with a mammography. However, it is important that you discuss your risk of breast cancer with your plastic surgeon and GP, especially if you have a first degree relative with a history of cancer.

All women who have had breast implants should inform their radiographer so tests can be adjusted as needed.

How much is a Mummy Makeover? – Price of a Mummy Makeover Surgery

The cost of mummy makeover surgery can vary across Australia and Melbourne. It depends entirely on the surgeon you choose, where you have your operation, the quality of your breast implants, etc.

Often sites that post the estimated cost of a mummy makeover surgery do not include all the related and necessary expenses. As a result, you may end up paying more than you expected. Dr Rubinstein never recommends shopping for low-cost surgery as it is unlikely that a FRACS level plastic surgeon will be performing the procedure. It is important to do your research before deciding on a plastic surgeon for your chosen procedure. Further, revision surgery is costly and is not guaranteed to fix the issue you experienced with your initial surgery, if you chose to explore cheaper surgical options.

It is always important to pursue plastic surgery based on skill, not cost.

For more detail on prices visit the surgery prices page


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*Disclaimer: Individual results can vary significantly from patient to patient. The information we provide is of a general nature.  For further information on what to expect for your preferred procedures, arrange to see one of our Specialist Plastic Surgeons for a full-history and surgical consultation. Read further information about surgical outcome variability on our Disclaimer Page.

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