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Body Surgery by Dr Craig Rubinstein in Melbourne, Australia

Are you suffering from skin irritation due to sagging skin in your tummy area? Do you feel that your body has undergone significant changes due to pregnancy, weight fluctuations, or ageing? If you are bothered by these conditions, body surgery might benefit you. These procedures may offer a long-term cosmetic solution and may help boost your self-esteem.

Dr Craig Rubinstein MBBS FRACS (Plas) is a top Specialist Plastic Surgeon in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne.  He has over 25 years of experience, providing high-quality results. This is evident in his dedication to ongoing training and education. Dr Craig performs a range of personalised and precise Reconstructive and Cosmetic Body contouring surgery procedures.

Dr Rubinstein has been rated in the Top 3 Plastic Surgeon in Melbourne. Furthermore, he is rated in the Top 5 Plastic Surgeons on the “Best in Australia” website.

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Body surgery

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*note* results will vary from person to person.

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What is Body Surgery?

Body contouring surgery is a group of procedures aimed at improving the appearance of your body as well as increasing your self-confidence. These procedures remove excess fat, skin, and tissue from your body to reshape the area. Once the surgical incisions have completely healed, the treated area becomes firmer, smoother, and well-defined. Depending on your condition, whole body surgery can be tailored to suit your cosmetic and medical needs.

Am I a Good Candidate for Body Surgery?

During your consultation, your surgeon will assess your condition, body type, health history, treatment goals, and expectations to determine if a full body surgery is right for you. In general, you are a good candidate for the procedure if:

  • You are bothered by the appearance of a certain part of your body.
  • You are physically healthy.
  • You don’t smoke.
  • You have low self-esteem.
  • You have pockets of fat in your abdomen.
  • You have realistic expectations.
  • You have sagging or loose skin in your arms, abdomen, thighs, or other parts of your body.
  • You have a stable weight.

What are the Benefits of Body Surgery?

Whether it’s a tummy surgery or torso surgery, undergoing body surgery can give you the following benefits:

  • Better body proportion
  • Firmer arms and thighs
  • Flatter, well-defined abdomen
  • Improved body posture
  • Improved quality of life
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Improved sexual function
  • Increased self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Lower chance of skin infection
  • Lower risk of skin irritation due to sagging skin
  • More clothing options
  • More masculine chest
  • Reduced stretch marks
  • Smoother, radiant, younger-looking skin
  • Well-toned appearance of your body

What are the Most Popular Body Surgery Procedures?

The following are the most well-known body contouring procedures:

  • Tummy tuck: Also known as abdominoplasty, this is a surgical procedure that tightens your abdomen by removing excess skin and fat.
  • Arm reduction: Also known as brachioplasty, this surgery improves the appearance of your upper arms and underarm area by removing excess skin and fat.
  • Body lift: Also known as torsoplasty, this procedure improves the appearance of your abdomen and buttocks by removing excess skin and fat and tightening the abdominal muscles.
  • Labiaplasty: This surgical procedure improves the appearance of your vagina, resulting in improved sexual function and a lower risk of pain and irritation.
  • Liposuction: This minimally invasive procedure removes fat deposits beneath your skin by using a thin tube and a powerful vacuum.
  • Male breast reduction: This surgical procedure reduces the size of abnormally large male breasts by removing excess fat and tissue.
  • Mummy makeover: This is a combination of procedures such as breast augmentation, breast lift, and tummy tuck, and is recommended after pregnancy.
  • Thigh lift: This surgical procedure improves the appearance of your thighs by removing excess skin and fat.

Recovery after Body Surgery

The recovery time after body surgery may vary from patient to patient. This will greatly depend on several factors such as the type and extent of your surgery, surgeon’s skills, your healing ability, and desired results. Whether it’s an upper body or lower body surgery, your surgeon will give you specific instructions during your consultation on how to speed up your recovery. These include refraining from cigarette smoking and stopping medications that may impair your wound healing.

How much is Body Surgery? – Costs & Prices

Costs and prices of body surgery may vary. These include your surgeon’s fees, anesthesiologist’s fees, hospital fees, type of surgery and anaesthesia used, and your desired aesthetic results. During your consultation, your surgeon will give you a detailed estimate of the total costs of your procedure.

What are the risks of Body Surgery?

Whether it’s a body fat surgery or torso surgery, there are risks associated with the procedure such as:

  • Allergic reaction to anaesthesia such as skin rashes and difficulty breathing
  • Body weakness
  • Capsular contracture
  • Changes in skin sensation
  • Delayed wound healing
  • Hematoma
  • Hemorrhage
  • Increasing pain at the surgical site
  • Numbness in one or both sides of your body
  • Pus draining from your wound
  • Rippling of the implant
  • Severe swelling
  • Skin discolouration
  • Skin loss
  • Sutures that protrude through the skin
  • Unwanted scarring
  • Wound dehiscence

 Celebrities that have had Body Surgery

The following are the celebrities who are rumoured to have had body surgery:

  • Anna Faris
  • Heidi Montag
  • Iggy Azalea
  • Jesinta Franklin
  • Julie Chen
  • Keira Maguire
  • Kourtney Kardashian
  • Miranda Kerr
  • Roxy Jacenko
  • Victoria Beckham

Body Surgery FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions about Body Surgery

Can you have multiple body surgeries at the same time?

  • Some body surgeries can be performed at the same time with minimal risks. However, other surgeries that are performed at once can increase your risk of developing problems and other complications. To ensure your safety, consult with a top surgeon with experience in body contouring surgeries.

What is the ideal age to have body surgery?

  • The ideal age to have body surgery will depend on the type of procedure you want to undergo. For instance, breast surgeries are recommended for younger patients since they have elastic skin and a good amount of breast tissue. On the other hand, body contouring procedures aimed at improving the appearance of wrinkles, sagging skin, and loose skin are best performed in older patients. To know the ideal body surgery that will suit your anatomy, lifestyle, and cosmetic goals, schedule a consultation with a top surgeon.

Will your medical insurance cover the cost of your body surgery?

  • Check with your private health insurance to determine if you can make a claim for your desired procedure. Usually, if a body surgery is done for cosmetic purposes, your private health insurance will not pay for your procedure. On the other hand, if the goal of your body contouring surgery is to treat a certain medical condition (e.g.  to reduce skin irritation and infection), then you may be eligible for a health insurance claim. By consulting with a renowned surgeon, you will know not only your treatment options but also your financing options.