How much does Breast Augmentation cost In Melbourne?

Guide to Breast Augmentation Prices in Melbourne

If you are thinking about Breast Augmentation surgery, chances are you have researched the cost and discovered that there is a large price variance between one surgeon and the next. This can be frustrating and can leave you feeling confused about why the cost varies so much. It can also leave you unsure on what your best options are moving forward.

This article will hopefully address some of your questions about Breast Augmentation cost and help you make an informed decision moving forward.


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Why does the cost of Breast Augmentation vary?

Many factors impact the cost of Breast Augmentation, WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY, HOW and the COMPLEXITY.

Plastic Surgery costs for Breast Enlargement vary depending on seven important factors:


Who is performing your surgery?
Probably the most important variable that you need to consider is who your surgeon is going to be and what their experience is, what training they have received and what their qualifications are. Furthermore, we suggest you ask how many Breast Augmentation procedures have they have carried out and if they can provide you with testimonials or photos of their work.


What does your surgical quote/price estimate include?
Is the quote you’ve received all-inclusive? Is it transparent? Does it breakdown the price?
You need to know WHAT is included in the price otherwise, you can get hit with unexpected costs post-surgery. Prices that might not be included in your quote include but aren’t limited to;
– Facility fees.
– Medication.
– Anaesthetic costs.
– Recovery aids.
– Post-surgery follow-ups.


When will your breast enlargement be performed?
Planning your surgery several months in advance whether by choice or surgeon availability can be great. It can give you time to prepare, save or pay off some of your surgery costs before you even have your surgery. However, you need to be aware that prices can change during this time, and you could end up paying more than you were originally quoted. With this in mind, we highly recommend speaking with our Patient Care Team about rebate criteria for medically-indicated breast surgery and rapidly-changing hospital fees.


Why are you are having the procedure?
Are you having Breast Augmentation surgery for medically-indicated reasons or is your surgery purely for cosmetic reasons?
If you are having surgery for medically-indicated reasons it could include correction of tuberous breasts or severely asymmetric breasts. This can result in additional costs as your surgery might be more complex and require more planning or surgery time.


Where will your surgery be performed?
Will, your surgery be performed in a hospital, clinic backroom or day clinic?
Will you be under General Anaesthetic or Local Anaesthetic?


How long will your surgery take, in theatre?
The length of your surgery often depends on the complexity of the procedure you’ve chosen, which brings us to the final point.


How complex your procedure is can vary drastically. Your overall health, condition of your skin and existing proportions can all impact on the price of your Breast Augmentation surgery.

Is it a straight forward procedure? Or a complex revision, are you only having augmentation or are you having a breast lift also?

The level of complexity will impact on the level of planning required. If your surgery is more complicated you want to go with a surgeon that has more qualifications and expertise to achieve your desired result.

The type of implant you choose also impacts on the cost. Taking into account the manufacturing processes, brand, type, style and content or fill quality. Implants can cost up to $2800 for a pair. This is just the implant cost and does not include hospital and surgery costs or post-surgery care.

Breast Augmentation Silicone Implants Animation.

What are the average price ranges for Breast Augmentation in Melbourne?

Breast Augmentation in Melbourne Australia can range from $8,000 to upwards of $20,000. This can be broken down into 3 basic price ranges;
– Low-cost surgery. Mid-range and High Range.

Low-cost surgery – ranging from around $7,000 to $10,000 

Surgeries’ performed in the low-cost price range are usually completed by a GP or doctor. Someone that does not have RACS recognition (compared to an accredited and qualified Plastic Surgeon.)
While the Low-cost price range might seem appealing it can carry a lot of unnecessary risks;

  • Usually performed in a backroom clinic, using “twilight” or “Awake” Anaesthetic instead of General Anaesthetic in a hospital.
  • This price range can also have a lot of hidden out-of-pocket costs
  • Procedures are not customised.
  • Cheaper/inferior implants.

Going for the lower price point option might be extremely appealing for the obvious reason that you believe you can get what you want for a low price. If you are leaning towards this low price point we strongly recommend you watch the ABC FOUR CORNERS ‘Beauty’s New Normal’ before deciding.*
NOTE; we recommend watching the whole 45minute video, however 14 minutes in is when the focus turns to Breast Augmentation and back-room operations in Australia.

Mid-range surgery – between $10,000 to $14,500.

  • Mid-range surgery will likely include the following;
    • A genuine but less experienced Plastic Surgeon – make sure you check their surgeon qualifications & experience
    • Breast implant quality can vary at this price point be sure the implant is reputable.
      • Such as Mentor or Motiva Implant
  • Your surgery may be performed in a clinic backroom or hospital.
  • If your Surgeon is not performing within a hospital setting, make sure to ask if they are a qualified Plastic Surgeon and if they have hospital admitting rights if something should not go to plan.

Premium surgery – costs range from $14,600 TO UPWARDS of $17,000

You can expect a procedure in the Premium surgery price point to be fully customised. Including but not limited to;
– Implant size.
– Implant placement.
– Incision size.
– You will have a fully qualified, expert specialist plastic surgeon.
– Quality, reputable breast implants.
– Extra patient safety protocols.
– General Anaesthetic.
– Overnight hospital stay (for observation and comfort).
– You will also receive post-operative garments and follow-up care.


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While the lower price point options may seem appealing you need to make sure you research extensively and not just ask questions but also get the answers you need before you choose your surgeon. It’s important not to take short cuts as it can end up costing you more, not just more financially but also physically and emotionally.

If you are interested in Breast Augmentation and would like to know an exact cost, call (03) 8849 1444, talk to one of our Patient Care Coordinators or alternatively you can fill out the enquiry form below and we will contact you!