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Breast Procedures – Dr Craig Rubinstein, Melbourne, Australia

Dr Craig Rubinstein MBBS FRACS (Plas) is a top Specialist Plastic Surgeon in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne. Dr Craig performs a range of personalised and precise Reconstructive and Cosmetic Breast surgery procedures including:

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Before and After photos include the following Breast procedures:

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About Dr Rubinstein

Dr Craig Rubinstein Specialist Plastic Surgeon

Dr Craig Rubinstein is considered to be one of Melbourne’s TOP Specialist Plastic Surgeons for breast surgery. He is also recognised as one of Melbourne’s Top 3 Plastic Surgeons. Furthermore, he has more online reviews than any other Melbourne surgeon. And, he is the second most highly reviewed plastic surgeon in all Australia.

He is an expert when it comes to natural-looking Breast shape enhancements and breast Reductions as is evident from his patient photo gallery.

He is dedicated to surgical planning and is committed to providing his patients with premium care throughout their surgery journey and recovery process.

Dr Rubinstein firmly believes that “the best time to get plastic surgery is the first time”.

If you would like to book a consult with Dr Rubinstein you can call his team on (03) 8849 1444