Plastic Surgery – Other Cosmetic Surgery Options

Are you looking for other cosmetic surgery options?

But we regularly get calls for OTHER procedures such as facelift surgery, rhinoplasty, arm reduction surgery, eyelid lift surgery and body lifts for bariatric patients.

  • Fortunately, other Plastic Surgeon colleagues and experts for other cosmetic procedures have ROOMS in the same CLINIC office as Dr Rubinstein.
  • His esteemed colleagues can provide highly skilled FACE surgery and BODY LIFT procedures including:
    • nose surgery
    • facelift surgery
    • eyelid reduction
    • arm lift/arm skin tightening
    • thigh reduction surgery
    • skin care and cosmetic injections

Browse our Melbourne Surgery Clinic pages for other cosmetic procedures or find links further below.

Dr Rubinstein and his esteemed colleagues in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia (shown below) 

image of Melbourne Cosmetic Surgeons and Plastic Surgeons

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For further information on procedures offered by Dr Craig Rubinstein or his colleagues, please contact us today.


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