Fees and Making Payments

Fees and Making payments for Dr Craig Rubinstein


Confused about fees and payments?

Below is information about fees, referrals and making payments for Dr Rubinstein, Specialist plastic surgeon in Melbourne, Australia

Dr Rubinstein Consultation Fees

A consultation fee for Dr Craig Rubinstein is $300 for a Virtual or an In-person Consultation

How to Book Surgery

  • A deposit of $1000 is compulsory. This secures your surgery date.
  • Full payment for your surgery needs to be made at least 2 weeks prior to your scheduled surgery.

How to make Payments

  • Our Practice accepts direct deposits and bank transfers, credit card payments (Mastercard or Visa), bank cheques, cash and third party finance payments.
  • Find out about payment plans and medical finance.

Will I need a Medical Referral?

  • You don’t need a medical referral for a consultation. However, we do advise you get one if you think that your surgery may be covered by medicare.
  • A Referral will be necessary to claim a rebate from Medicare and your Private Health Insurance if your surgery is covered by either.
  • It will also need to be a valid referral at the time of surgery. A referral from a GP is valid for 12 months. However, a referral from a specialist is valid for just 3 months.